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[untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score)

Download [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score)

Pressed on 10" black vinyl housed in a silver and purple duotone sleeve. In celebration of this milestone, Music on Vinyl is releasing a box set of 5 x 10" vinyl in 5 different jackets, containing the definitive collection of Breaking Bad songs, including tracks by Badfinger, Calexico, America, Fever Ray, Apparat, Marty Robbins, Vince Guaraldi, The Peddlers and many more. The 10th Anniversary Breaking Bad package is housed in a lift off box-set with the Breaking Bad logo in a special drip-off varnish on front.

The box also includes a page booklet with exclusive pictures and extensive liner notes by Thomas Golubic, Breaking Bad's music supervisor. The set is available in a limited edition of 5, individually numbered copies on Albuquerque crystal transparent with a hint of turquoise vinyl.

Livin Free - The Young - Dub Egg is one of the catchiest 8-Bit tunes to ever come out of this era of Konami games and an example of the best of what Video Game Music has to offer. Its songs are lively, jubilant and often emotional works of aural art, spreading a sensation of total glee to all ears within listening distance. Designed in close collaboration with series creator, Rebecca Sugar, and illustration auteurs Chromosphere, this is a vinyl package made with true love.

COMET GREG The film is a spin-off of Smith's horror film Tusk. Limited edition of copies. Featuring 3 tracks from each movie, on the A-side a fantastic interpretation in the typical Zoltan style of the original Phantasm score originally by Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave. Black and Blue Starburst vinyl in gatefold jacket. AARON JENNY I'M OUT A sweet selection of unreleased material from the vaults of Italy's famous Cometa Records sound library - a package that's pretty heavy on keyboard and electronic bits, with a sound that's right up there with some of [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) best Italian horror and action scoring of the early 80s!

In fact, there's a strong sense of drama throughout - a nice call to action in some of the tunes, as the keyboard lines set up a mood, then send it soaring - and basslines brood along to create these cool darker currents! Alloy Orchestra is a 3-man musical ensemble - Roger C. Roger Ebert has called them "the best in the world at accompanying silent films," and we can't disagree.

The James Dean Story is a documentary on [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) life of the legendary American film actor James Dean, depicted through dramatic use of still photography and interviews. Composed by Leith Stevens and featuring a veritable who's who of West Coast cool jazz, the moody score perfectly encapsulates the life of the brilliant and troubled heartthrob, a man whose influence on American culture of the 20th can't be exaggerated.

With a band that includes Chet Baker, Bud Shank, Pepper Adams, and Don Fagerquist, with arrangements by the brilliant Johnny Mandel, you know this is going to be full of swinging and classy arrangements and soloing, and moody ballad work.

A truly great piece of West Coast jazz, the soundtrack to a film about one of the most idolized actors in American film history.

LAND Their work expanded across the BBC to take in TV drama especially sci-fischools programmes and themes. The latter being their most celebrated and well known work: Delia Derbyshire's treatment of Ron Grainer's theme for Doctor Who. This collection was originally released on vinyl by BBC Records in to celebrate 21 years of the workshops creative output.

These ground-breaking compositions have provided a major influence on music from The Beatles and Pink Floyd and onwards into the contemporary world of Aphex Twin, Orbital and The Chemical Brothers. Film has an advanced level of nationwide and EU distribution. The new revised artwork includes a rare picture of the late Maestro, taken from his estate's private collection.

FEEL Starting as the founding [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) of Codeine and followed up by fronting rock mainstay Come, Brokaw has established himself as a renaissance man of songwriting. After his time with Come, Brokaw lent his talents to bands such as Pullman, Consonant and The New Year, constantly evolving and changing his pace and rhythm. When the dust settles in the off-season, Brokaw finds himself a more mature career path as a composer of film scores and soundtracks.

Previous works for lauded independent art-house films such as I Was Born, But. After a slew of solo releases from labels such as 12XU, Atavistic, Brokaws own Capitan Records and his highly praised acoustic outing on Vin Du Select Qualitite, Brokaw sat down with the award winning film Now, Forager to score its lucid narrative outlining the story of two lovers joined in the unusual scenario of mushroom foraging which pushes their unstable relationship to its limits.

Limited edition of vinyl copies featuring previously unreleased songs and bonus tracks not found in the film. Each theme has been newly recorded with the same collaborators that Carpenter worked with on his hit Lost Themes studio albums: his son, Cody Carpenter, and godson, Daniel Davies. The themes can instantly flood his fans' musical memory with imagery of a menacing shape stalking a babysitter, a relentless wall of ghost-filled fog, lightning-fisted kung fu fighters, or a mirror holding the gateway to hell.

The all-new music on Lost Themes asks Carpenter's acolytes to visualize their own nightmares. ABYSS More electric and acoustic guitar help flesh out the songs, still driven by Carpenter's trademark minimal synth.

This manifests itself brilliantly in songs like lead single "Distant Dream," which hitches a familiar Carpenterian beat to an expressive drum performance and rides it to a thrilling conclusion.

The eerie "Angels Asylum" lets an ethereal synth line command the first three-quarters of the song, before turning over the melody to an acoustic guitar, and "Virtual Survivor" delivers a blast of the sci-fi menace [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) characterized his great scores for films like Assault on Precinct 13 and They Live. Lost Themes II delivers eleven compelling new tracks for which fans can continue to score the movies in their minds.

The Minx, [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) intriguing soundtrack from the Cyrkle, is laden with their trademark three-part harmonies, intricate arrangements, and paisley-psychedelic sounds. Recorded in following the Cyrkle's pop chart success with Paul Simon's Red Rubber Ball and their own Turn-Down Day and shelved until the film's release two years later, The Minx has eluded the grasp of even the most dedicated Cyrkle fan, until now.

This legitimate, colored vinyl reissue created from the master reels, with full participation of the band members includes bonus tracks and extensive notes, and also features a DVD with the original, outrageous film! ZOMBI OBLIO On Rat Film, Dan Deacon's inspired soundtrack to the provocative essay-film of the same name, one of electronic music's most exciting artists delivers his first full record devoted to modern composition.

Concurrent with making his mark in popular music with his four ecstatic electronic-pop studio albums, he's provided soundtracks for film and stage giants ranging from Francis Ford Coppola's Twixt to Justin Peck's "The Times Are Racing" featured recently at the NYC Ballet, and scored projects for innovative video artists. Philharmonic, and So Percussion at the Barbican Centre. Rat Film [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) the Forty Two - The Blacktop Cadence - Chemistry For Changing Times recorded document of this parallel career-and both as a self-contained album and a companion piece to an equally potent film, it astounds.

OCME Now [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) on gram vinyl to celebrate Neil Diamond's 50th anniversary in music. Following their inspired collaboration [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) Prince Avalanche - the understated, underrated film directed by David Gordon Green - iconic experimental rock band, Explosions In The Sky, and renowned film composer David Wingo return with the score to another Green film, Manglehorn.

Written by longtime friend, Paul Logan - and starring Al Pacino and Holly Hunter - Manglehorn is beautifully crafted and steeped in symbolism. Limited edition of hand-numbered copies.

Released in and respectively, Blood for Dracula and Flesh for Frankenstein soundtrack available as RED LP were interesting if not a little off-beat horror movies both of which were filmed in Italy. The legendary Paul Morrissey directed with the assistance in more ways than one Pandemonium - The Ancient Catatonia Italian filmmaker Antonio Margheriti, with the productions overseen by Andy Warhol.

The Italian composer Claudio Gizzi, with harmonious themes, created a dark and romantically laced score that works very well within the well-known gothic tale of Dracula here directed in a not so conventional way by the genius of Morrissey and Warhol. A powerful, subtle, and modern sound that supports and embellishes these stories without being intrusive or overbearing like many horror movies of the era.

Finally available on high-quality vinyl with deluxe packaging. With its sad tone, the score perfectly matches the cold and cruel realism of this bizarre horror film. Double vinyl pressed on mixed double colors and presented in gatefold sleeve with deluxe embossed cover. Limited numbered edition of copies.

YELL The film is set in the United States, and the soundtrack sounds very American, starting from the first two songs, interpreted by the warm voice of Asha Puthli, an Indian singer who is also an actress in this movie, "The Whip" and "The Sound of Money" seem to belong to one of the many Stax productions of those years, only that they're played by The Roman band, Speidern - Bare Egil Band - Absolutt Ikke Bare Egil Band line-up consisted of Claudio Simonetti keyboardsAgostino Marangolo drumsFabio Pignatelli bass and Carlo Pennisi guitar was in those years nothing less than hyper-productive, but this did not prevent them from producing high-quality works.

In fact, the album songs go through various genres - disco music, country, funky, soul, samba WITCH SIGHS BOB ALIBI THE U. DUO THE T. The album features music for string quartet, clarinet, celeste, keyboards and electronics and was recorded with some of Johann's favorite Icelandic musicians.

Available on vinyl only in a deluxe gatefold sleeve on Johann's own NTOV label, manufactured and distributed by Cobraside. Deluxe gatefold packaging! Directed by Josh C. Waller, "McCanick" tells the story of a narcotics detective on the hunt for a seemingly harmless young criminal who knows a truth about the cop's past. In the categories of Max Richter, Clint Mansell, Dustin O'Halloran, Cliff Martinez, Johann Johannsson belongs to this generation of composers who combines classical orchestration with electronic music.

QUINN EXIT This was the first soundtrack to make it to 1 since the Bad Boys II soundtrack in August and was the first soundtrack to an animated film to top the Billboard since the Pocahontas soundtrack reigned for one week in July Continuing with its soundtrack campaign, UMe will be reissuing the first 5, units [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) gram opaque yellow vinyl.

THE 3 R'S Available on gram Akira and Amon swirl Limited to copies or gram black vinyl Limited to copies with gatefold packaging and artwork created by Sam Pfannkuche. This will be the first ever official wide release of the soundtrack. ROAR Cadabra Records is proud to bring you the first in a dedicated series collecting the best of author H. Lovecraft remains a master of the weird tale, his influence has spanned through generations of film makers, musicians, artists, and authors alike.

Whether you've already read his work or are new to Lovecraft, we promise you will gasp in wonder to the horrors within. Dim the lights, close your eyes, and listen to some of the greatest tales of horror ever told.

Andrew Leman is known as a co-founder of the H. Leman's voice captures the terror, dread, suspense and madness that permeates Lovecraft's writing. TECH 49 EARTH Features vocals by M83 collaborator Morgan Kibby and Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfor who contributed vocals to the "Oblivion" soundtrack. Previous collaborator Joe Trapanese returned to assist with orchestral arrangements.

Mellow and romantic, this soundtrack pays tribute to French soundtracks from the 70's and is much more intimate than Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. NOUS HOLLY Like their beloved soundtracks to Atomic and Les Revenants, KIN uses the band's original score as the genesis and point of departure for an expanded, fully developed album of new songs. KIN is cinematic maximalism and synth-rock minimalism delivered with the signature introspective grace that has defined and refined Mogwai's decades-long reputation.

SCRAP FLEE KIN [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) orchestrations, dark jazz tapestries and unsettling piano movements are brought to life. A must have! Limited Transparent vinyl copies. This crime film stars Kirk Douglas as a master safecracker at a crossroads in his life, emerging from prison yet tempted by one last big job.

LP Soundtrack. TONGA This is not praise derived from a desire to play up new product. This is simply the reality of the situation. It shouldn't work, and yet somehow it does. GLORY Each copy comes with an exclusive pet detective license and Ray Finkletrading card. The film, a sequel to 's Prometheus and the sixth in the Alien film series, follows the crew of the colony ship Covenant as they discovered the ruins of the doomed Prometheus expedition on a remote planet.

The world soon reveals itself to be inhabited by dangerous creatures that force the crew into a fight for survival.

Inspired by elements of the original Alien score, Kurzel's work invokes feelings of isolation and abject horror in the face of an unavoidable mounting catastrophe. SAILS SOL K. The record is rounded out by a series of covers of classic '80s tracks.

Industrial noise pop band HEALTH offering a fresh take on New Order's 'Blue Monday' which turns the cold original into a sublime slice of melodic mayhem that breaks down into into electro shoegaze before going full dance floor to finish.

And finally composer Tyler Bates teams up with Marilyn Manson for a cover of Ministry's 'Stigmata,' which sounds like Manson going back to his Spooky Kids roots, and is urgent as all hell. The soundtrack for the music-heavy film, titled Music From The Motion Picture Baby Driver, boasts 30 multi-genre tunes in total, including 29 rare tracks and deep cuts, as well as one original song created by Danger Mouse specifically for Baby Driver.

Note the single is included on the track list of the 2 CD package, but only on the Download Card included in the vinyl format. Turn Out The Stars - Raimondo Campisi, Enrico Pieranunzi, Gaetano Liguori, Antonio Ballista - Il Pia collection is bookended by the Berns-penned and produced original Erma Franklin version of "Piece of My Heart" first track on side 1 that was originally released on Bang's Shout!

This is the original score, by Bob Crewe and Charles Fox. MARY J. Gatefold sleeve double album. Audiophile orange coloured g heavyweight vinyl. Limited edition Blue vinyl. The instrumental-only title tune, "Axel F," is a cultural touchstone and has since been covered by numerous artists. Continuing with its soundtrack reissue campaign, UMe will be reissuing this title back on vinyl for the first time in nearly 30 years.

TRIP game and soundtrack. That's 7 games, 7 digital soundtracks, and a stylish picture disc! Original and classic compositions round out this sci-fi noir masterpiece. Over a backdrop of cyber-infused soul production, it delivers a hypnotic and haunting performance. RAIN MESA JOI PILOT The album also includes an additional five "Bob's Buskers" cover versions of songs from the show performed by St.

Both the standard and deluxe LP editions include the five "Bobs Buskers" tracks on Kingdom Of Greed - Various - LAlbum Blanc III white 7" single.

T-I-N-A PESTO Pressed on 'Bronze Age' colored Vinyl. Five collectable postcards each featuring an individual character from the film.

Includes digital download card. JOHN C. The film, starring Tom Hardy, tells the story of Charles Bronson, a young man who was sentenced to seven years in prison for robbing a post office and eventually ends up spending three decades in solitary confinement. He has become the most notorious inmate in England. Balancing this modern act, the film includes beautiful classical compositions by Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner, Anton Bruckner and more!

Guadagnino found himself resonating with Sufjan Stevens' lyricism through his work and [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) asked Stevens to record an original song. Eventually, Stevens contributed three songs to the soundtrack. The movie primarily parodies the rap group N.

A among other gangsta rap aspects. Blackstreet's "Baby Be Mine" was the charting single. Continuing with its Respect The Classics campaign UMe will be reissuing this classic album back on vinyl for the first time since it's original pressing in Rock 'n' roll was dead!

An essential collection of songs that made the punk movement, CBGB presents twenty slices of original American music, many rarely compiled or unavailable for years. The soundtrack contains music from influential artists that informed the scene The Velvet Underground, The Stooges and MC5to acts that broke through with huge commercial acclaim Talking Heads, Blondie and The Police. And there's even music from bands whose legendary status will forever be linked to the club that gave them a voice Dead Boys, Television.

Wayne County, The Dictators and more. Limited first pressing on Translucent Pink Vinyl! It is a return to his indie roots peppered with appearances from close friends such as Robert Downey Jr. In the words of Variety's Joe Leydon: "The eclectic mix of musical selections chosen by music supervisor Mathieu Schreyer could encourage many ticket-buyers to rush home and download the entire soundtrack. A must have for fans of 60's era musicals.

Entire score presented in glorious stereo from multi-track master elements courtesy Warner Bros. Jack White, who performs five songs on the soundtrack, also had a role in the movie. Never before released on vinyl, the revered soundtrack is now being pressed on premium gram vinyl for a double LP release. Featuring the music from the first half of the film, The Color of Noise. A sampling of the music that was the journey of Amphetamine Reptile Records head honcho Tom Hazelmyer.

Faber College Theme. Records 1. Are You Ready for the Summer. Overture River Crossing. Den and the Green Ball. Marie Ward Elmer Bernstein, Colosseum — 1. At the Beginning. The Ace Tomato Company. Escape from the Castle. Three Amigos! Elmer [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score)Warner Bros. Ballad of the Three Amigos. Home Town. Main Title from The Comancheros. Main Title from The Shootist. The Land.

The City. A Rage in Harlem. Largo Al Factotum Rossini. London Philharmonic. Yankee Stadium Main Title. Cops and Robbers. The Age of Innocence. Esther, Doris and Lucille. The Good Son. Jurassic Park. From My Window. To Jericho. Beginnings Rough Riders You Just Cant Win - Them - The Angry Young Them!. To Kill a Mockingbird. As Time Goes By. Your Wed Wagon. Toccata for Toy Trains. Busy at office.

Since much was novel and challenging, felt no effects of little sleep. Friday, January 8 Lunch with D. Melcher " at Harvard Club and real fun swapping dreams for books both agreeing that Publishing Leadership has little nerve 01 sense of adventure.

It's increas- ingly negative. Maybe do a weekly editorial signed Optimist, or Glandular Optimist, to see if I can get up a debate the precursor necessary to thoughtful conclusions.

To Princeton with G. All but Herb, Jr. It was my party and I think it had values not to be found in the office or Devils Child - Judas Priest - Metal Works 73-93 place in " D.

Melcher of Publishers Weekly. Wolff, Jr. That damn telephone cuts down on calm exchange of ideas. It infects with a kind of urgency which reduces thoughtful invention. Urgency is good as a generator but must subside after the motors are running.

Idling is the mood for human motors to match wits and spark human engines. Eddie, 15 Herb 16 and I were not too nostalgic and said little about the day we began, with Laurie, 17 inbut without a prediscussed plan we each told in our own different ways about the great gaps between our four personalities.

If we had not been at odds, there would have been no partnership. The trick is, despite differences, to avoid either government by strong man, or the dissipation caused by the indifference of similarities. Interest- ing things happened in this Princeton Inn environment Some who had not talked out did so; others were subdued with troubled minds and had [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) be prodded.

At times the debates were put on the table in more than tepid fashion; and on some occasions with wisdom and freshness about the old and long accepted a contribution usually rare but of high value. Home, nap. To Walter Frank's 18 after dinner and there surprised to meet a man who was really against birth control, was violent against Malthus, was not worried by population growths and not on religious grounds.

Greenbatrai, partner. Wolff, partner. Greenbaran, partner, now deceased. To bed reading a tender novel, after reading a delicious letter from R. Later in the afternoon we had a wonder- ful visit across the avenue with Professor Jotham Johnson. He's a great classicist and I was picking his brain to see where I could find statistics pointing toward the amount of wealth created per annum before the era of Caesar in relation to the number of people on the planet, I find it fairly easy to make a guess at the population on our globe, but I am troubled trying to find the annual income of the people.

Jotham was very helpful and directed me to sources of infor- mation as far back as 25, B. The most stunning item that I picked from Ms mind came when he asked: "Assuming that there are now three biffion people on our earth, what proportion is that three billion of the total number who have inhabited our planet from the days of Adam and Eve or the beginning of man?

There are now on our earth 60 per cent of aE the people ever born. Had a pleasant evening reading AbeFs Daughter, a lovely book dealing in gentle and tender terms with, [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) differ- ences in the South.

This program of three Social- ists and two non-Socialists pointed up very clearly the very is Katherine Bessie, grandchild. These three Socialists are only really interested in technique and strategy and have never quite dared write down in detail the kind of a world they want to live in or they want their grandchildren to inhabit. They still get into a lather discussing methods of arriving at a decent world; and the main method that they can't get out of then- heads is nationalization which may or may not prove to be a good way.

In any event Vömit För Breakfast - Vömit För Breakfast was a sad show. Surely there should have been an even balance between Marxist and non- Mantist in order to have a real controversy between the men on the panel.

In this sense British TV does better than ours, because their panel shows partake of the grace, humor and dignity and conflict of the debate in Parliament, whereas our shows' pro vide heat rather than light and take on the aspects of the most tawdry and confusing of our daily newspapers.

But the big event of the day was that I decided to get a Dictaphone machine. I hate the Machine Age; I wish I could [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) back to the horse and buggy. As a matter of fact, I'm not afraid of my sailboat but only of the engine-which I use as little as possible. So I have to face up to trying to use a Dictaphone machine, I am going to give it a serious try, much as I hate gadgets. And this is practically the first word I have ever dictated on a machine.

I don't know how it will come out, and I am interested to see whether my diary when dictated to a machine will have a different flavor than when dictated to Miss Gross or written out in longhand.

It's a good show. Most people were dis- turbed by a wedding at the end. It's a story of exorcising the dybbuk, done with much of the old Jewish ghetto humor. It has pathos and gaiety. The old religious leader of all classes, sects, and kinds, had an easy formula for power over mart. He would create standards fust a little higher than anybody could reach. By so doing he created a potential for guilt among the people of his parish and as soon as people are full of guilt the cleric has power over them, because he can lay down the rules for the resolution of the guilt and can make people dependent on him for the absolution and avoid- ance of guilt in the future.

And now comes Mr, Freud who says there are techniques being discovered whereby man can work out his own solutions and his own life. To be sure, some people may need to consult an expert who has been wallow- ing in the guilt of others and who may give a tip as to how anyone of us can avoid being smothered by our own guilts. And our own guilts are usually needless because, as I know, they arise in the main out of a conflict between the standards created by society and our own personal standards.

I have been lucky; I have seldom worried much about societal standards, and I have my own Rien Djamain, Jack Lesmana Combo - In Jazz or immoral Latte - Sunset Cafe moral patterns of judgment of myself for good or bad.

Tuesday, January 12 Last night we wandered into Sardi's with Poser 20 and his beautiful-eyed wife, and some friends of theirs. I hadn't been to Sardi's in a long while and saw many friends of the theatre 20 Norman Poser, former law associate. I was surprised to read that last year 85, Puerto Ricans came to our shores, but 59, Puerto Ricans returned to the island. It may he that in a few years there will be an exodus, for [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) or bad.

In the evening we went to talk with Joan and Irving 21 and I was deeply immersed in the upholstery business for many hours. They are a remarkable couple. I can't get over my admiration when I think of Irving, who has never heard sound, even the rap of a carpenter's hammer, running his own business, dealing with his own customers, and for 15 years employing a hearing brother as his assistant. Being deaf Is an infirmity, but emotionally he aslcs neither pity nor special consideration.

When he sees customers he makes him- self understood. [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) they don't understand him he interprets it as the fault of the customer and if necessary he writes down the message.

He is an exceptional craftsman who cannot do Two Of Seven - Various - Snowflakes II (File) work, and every customer he ever had admires and loves him. Although he wouldn't trade on his deafness, the truth of the matter is that every customer enjoys giving him business because they get a little extra feeling of joy; they have done their good will piece for the day, they have helped a [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) person, even though they do not know that he often looks at his customers and says: 'They have worse troubles than I, but their infirmities are not as obvious.

Read a great quantity of random journals, spent a lot of 21 Daughter and her husband, Irving Goldstein. This is a magazine for lawyers which deals primarily with the future, It concerns itself with changes needed in jurisprudence.

It discusses at length pressures within our culture that touch on problems of law. I wonder why Harvard, Yale and other great law schools To Holmgard And Beyond - Turisas - The Varangian Way to be primarily interested in re- cording the footnotes of the past, without real reference to where we go from here? Wednesday, January 13 One event of a busy day stays in my mind: a long talk with an admirable [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) lovely Catholic woman a person of great charm, integrity, consideration for everyone she meets.

There is no child to her marriage. Her husband has left her. He is also a decent human being and a good citizen; also a Catholic by birth. He has fallen out of love with her, and she is clearly out of love with him. They both tell me that the marriage looked as if it had hopes of success, but now the bloom is off the peach, love is out the window and there is nothing left They both agree that if they continue to live together they will become uncivilized toward each other, they will feel cramped and emotionally imprisoned.

The husband has found a girl, also of high decency, with whom he is in love and with whom he is living. The girl has never [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) married before; the husband is desperately anxious to marry her. The wife in all good will tells me, for more than an hour, that intellec- tually she is being cruel and indecent [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) hurtful, but emo- tionally she is unable to let her husband have his freedom.

There are ample grounds for divorce, without any subterfuge, even in New York State. So this lovely person, a devout Catholic, will suffer the rest of her life, never forgetting that 15 she is being cniei mean, and nasty to her husband and to the girl lie loves. She knows they are living together in what, oddly enough, is called sin. And my client this lovely, devout Catholic girl-will probably have lovers and affairs, be bored with them, confess them, and, each time, say to herself that she will never have another lover, knowing full well that she can't live without love and love-making.

So we have a com- mitment to an act of faith and emotion, which will ruin her and da great injustice to the husband she once loved and still respects, and above all, will scar the life of the girl whom her husband deeply loves.

I suggested that possibly we might use annulment which is the Catholic's poorman method of divorce. I never will understand sectarianism.

Why should Jewish lawyers meet? Most of the lawyers present I am sure are nonworshipers. I told them I was a nonworshiper. It was an intelligent group of people, and people of good will and noble intentions. I picked on the Post for my main comments because the Fost, while as shabby as the News and the Mirror, is more reprehensible, because it is, or poses as, a liberal paper.

A liberal paper should not report on legal matters in terms that make people think the law is nothing but orgies and crimes. It should not, as some other papers do, identify the lawyer and the client. And above all, I said, this liberal paper, the Post, is the most objectionable of them all, because a lawyer requires a lot of nerve to represent an un- popular causeand the Post gives him rough treatment if he represents any [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) or interests it doesn't like.

It became 22 Lawyer, author. Laymen all over the land still are in doubt about this simple situation, and don't realize that we are all guilty of one crime or another, whether speeding or leaving our automobiles unprotected on a ferry boat, or eaves- dropping in [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) public place, or giving cigarettes to a minor, or having a love affair with an unmarried girl.

Most of us could be put into jail for a hundred years for acts we commit in one month; and very few people realize that it is the duty of lawyers to represent people, even if the client admits guilt, because the important function of the lawyer in the defense of liberty is always to keep in mind that the sovereign, the state, the government, is the main potential enemy of Pennsylvania Six Five Thousand - Glenn Miller And His Orchestra - The Unforgettable Glenn Miller and the government, which has vast powers, must be put to its proof every inch of the way.

I made clear that most people or most lawyers talk as if everybody is entitled to a lawyer, but that not everybody is entitled to a good lawyer. By definition the good lawyers are the executive committees of the Bar Associations.

The rest of us are really not, by definition, good lawyers. We will repre- sent people who are hit by automobiles, or people who are charged with a crime, or people involved in matrimonial difficulties, whom the respectable leaders of the bar disdain to handle.

In a way I'm amused, because I have been the great beneficiary of the leaders of the bar. Seldom a half year [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) by but some great Chumbawamba - Shhh, a man of integrity, high up in the legal profession, a real "leader," comes to me to say, "Will you take over this case?

He will not lose clients. He wouldn't dream of representing a homosexual or a nudist, or any of the people who are considered unpopular and off-beat at this moment of history.

I have often thought that there isn't a single leader of our bar who would have represented Leonardo da Vinci, who was not only a homo- sexual hot a bastard. It was a rather silly evening. Except for Berger's arguments against me, I [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) nothing.

Afterwards a few of us went to London's home and solved the rest of the world's prob- lemsthat is, all those that hadn't been mentioned at the dinner, meeting at which I spoke. Thursday, January 14 One or two very interesting items were brought to mv attention by Penelope. She pointed Saxaceous Serenade - Ricky Ford - Tenor For The Times that in the forty-two years since the October Revolution in Russia, the Soviet gov- ernment and scientists have been unable to come up with a single major drug discovery.

Every one of theirs has been [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) from the West. She gives me, as reference for this fact, the President of Merck Chemicals. So it [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) to me that we are really ahead here, where our economy is per- mitted to function, where there is a sense of urgency derived out of competition and where, if you please, we have the profit motive in which I believe.

We are behind, however, in the field where the President of the United States has been in charge. We are behind because we haven't seen the other side of the moon; whereas the Russian government, out of a sense of urgency, has gone forward on all space matters. It is sad that we are now second-class citizens of the world. We have the money, and the brains, and all we lack is the desire. Another item that amused me today St.

Louis Blues - Various - Let Us Entertain You the banning in 18 Saskatchewan, Canada of the film Roam at the Top, Smokescreen - Citizen King - Mobile Estates haven't seen it but somebody should really do a study of the idiosyn- crasies of different cultures in regard to matters sexual in print or on celluloid. In Norway, for example, I have admired the great victory of my friend Trygve Hirsch, the lawyer, who, in connection with some book of Henry Miller's, had the court decide that whereas the book seemed to offend the folkway of Norway, all that should happen was that the book should be sent to Denmark, because the Danes were not offended by the volume.

More applause for Paley M for expanding and re-issuing the great TV film on the population explosion. I didn't see the revised version, but Margaret gave me a full report, and it's perfectly obvious that it made clear as the press has never done that the debate is solely about the method, that Cath- olics are as concerned as all others about the increase of population, and that all favor controls, by one method or another. Incidentally, on the population expansion problem, I was talking to some sociologists, and the thought came into discussion, that with population expansion, man will have to invent totally new techniques for government.

Assume that the estimates are correct, and that in our country we may some day have million people, cities of 30 million or 40 million. How do you elect a congress for million peo- ple? Expand our present already too large congress too large for thoughtful debate into an assemblage of five thousand people?

Or have one representative for every 10 million peo- ple? Someone should do a piece on this subject, relevant to local, state and national government, voting, foreign policy. Will we not, with million population, or even a. Maggie turns over for a final snooze while I get up to grind the Shapiro coffee [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score)turn on the oven, Whales - Red 5 - Forces the egg water, get out the juice.

Since I wear no strangling night clothes, I sneakily open the door to take in the Tribune and Times. By the time I'm finished in the kitchen, Maggie has finished "mopping that mug" as we have long called her patient dreamy washing.

At once I must drag out her dream that operation of the subconscious which takes a few sec- onds to occur but many minutes to report. A blind painter was in the room and there also was Ernie King, our shipyard friend of Nantucket. The horse w r as a problem there was no hay, and food was needed. And then M. When a dream is near release, just before fully waking up, she goes back deeper into sleep compelled by the need of closing up the dream, getting the answer to a quandary or solving a threat.

This causes return to sleep because the conscious knows that only in the womb, where the dream was bora, can the dream come to its end. So [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) last catnap serves a kindly purpose. And Penelope suggests this theory is not unrelated to the ability- rare, I suggest to return in sleep to a dream of yesterday. Some day P. They have much in common, and enjoy a sideline stance. I fell hard for Maggie C.

She is my gal of the year maybe of many years. Then Editor, McCatt's Magazine. Ex-fiction editor, McCatt's Magazine. Herb that Touch Wocul did not suit McCalFx, she was all too kind to the diary and gave me a title for a novel [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) short story "Young As Springtime" which she is.

Most of my friends are as Old as Autumn, To Saratoga in the evening. We were abroad on the open- ing night. Edna 2S has not seen it in New York City hut would not go with us. D'Acosta did a beautiful productionno faults, no imperfectionsa constant unvaried high mesa of beautiful sets, good singing, good dialogue, good musicall at a high pitch.

Saratoga had too much of everything. Home by one since the Franks seemed to be weary. Bored, maybe! Saturday, January 16 Maggie and I laugh each morning at the most outrageous puns or weirdest observations on tidbits in the press. I think these moments are the peak of [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) gusty laughings each day. Joan and Irv went for some reason to the cemetery where Irv's parents are buried. Steffie refers to it as a park. I like this terminology and hate cemeteries.

To lunch with Lael 28 and a handsome Florida-Yale law school senior. Happy for Lael who has deserted magazine 2 Edna Ferber, noted author, old friend. Baltimore attorney and his wife. She asked for ideas on her gambling vol- ume. He has not com- promised with the tops of the bar and is still one of their pets. Talk goodhome by one, reading, and to sleep by two.

Simtfay, Jmwry 17 Lena L. It was a most engaging group and I enjoyed most Lena's Swarth- raore-student daughter.

As always, I gravitate to the young- stermale or female. Walked to the Bessies. Strong winds; though cold, the sun was brilliant.

The days are already twenty minutes longer and we sense it out of our windows facing the Square. Worked on office matters, tax returns, miscellaneous read- ing, a double crostic the best of all are the ones in the New York Times. For dinner, Edna came down, and we three to our favorite Oriental dining place on Third Street. Like old times just us three. Edna in great shape, gay and full of zip. I guess be- cause she has so much she wants to write a cause for living.

Schwartz, law partner, and wife, so Lawyer, officer of Bar Association, and wife. For Trans-Europe Express - Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express reason, It is easier for man to pass a law than to repeal one. For example, I discovered that there was a statute on the books of New York State making ft a crime to discover Cap- tain Kidd's Treasure and not report it to the authorities.

There are also still statutes that make it a crime to eavesdrop, one of the pleasantest foibles practiced [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) man. This dancing anthropologist is one of the Jack Of Spades - Various - Im Gonna Git You Sucka people whom I have met Somehow society has never really appreciated her. I must see if I can find some founda- tion that will supply her with the retreat which she needs so badly and which she asks for, so that she can continue with her writing, and get a little relief from managing her dancing company.

I'm reminded by a libel suit of a client of the story of the original John D. Rockefeller who was asked by a friend while meandering on the Atlantic City boardwalk, "John, why don't you sue these bastards, they're calling you a thief and a liar and a fraud. If I step on it it will gather flies, and everybody passing by will know that a worm Herbie Mann - Brazil, Bossa Nova & Blues there.

However, if I leave it alone, it will wander away, and nobody will Ticket To Ride - The Beatles - 1962-1966 know [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) the worm had been on the board- walk.

I refer to libel suits and to litigation involving the custody of children. In the latter cases nobody can win and 23 Desert Rose - The Police - Police Reform (DVD) children are inevitably of the reporting of the suite in the media. Man has for some time been able to discover the age of various objects by testing with carbon But now I leare that we can know the age of rocks by the process of heating.

Thus, we can date civilizations backyears. Maybe this Mud of scientific knowledge will have some prac- tical benefits for man. But, also, it is possible that without any practical advantages the greatest benefit from the new process is that man will get a better perspective on the his- tory of man. Surely, we are different from all other species primarily because we have a history, even though man [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) many ages never could record it.

Joe Beam of C. Maggie went off to baby-sit for Connie. Joe and I had a few hours of the best sober conversation I have ever had on the problems of radio and TV. The networks are on the run, emotionally, and in terms of public esteem. The great men who head them will not be able to think with clarity and simplicity if they feel that they must do something because they have lost the public confidence.

David Arnold and George S. Arnold only appears to complement Barry's style. But, he cheats. He simply traces certain figures familiar to Bond fans and injects them like gravy into a Turkey's innards for flavoring. George S. Clinton tries to ape the general ambience of a Bond film in Austin Powers films. However, the imitation is so colorless and bland the energy and the humor dissipate rapidly into mere Punch and Judy.

John Barry remains unique among action film composers because his personality is everywhere in the music; that of a master in control of vast forces summoned to do his bidding. The result is so intelligible that the emotional veracity hits the audience with a double whammy and the spellbinding pleasure of total Breeze - Stereo MCs - Deep Down & Dirty into the shadowy world of film is made into a magical experience.

In the history of dramatic presentation, the spoken word has Brooklyn Bounce - The Real Bass supreme until fairly recent times. With the advent of miraculous technology for throwing images up on a large panoramic screen and the infusion of vast surrounds of ambient atmospherics Baby Blue - Various - 100 Rock n Roll Hits gradual shift in emphasis has evolved.

Music and pure visual action has all but replaced the spoken word and even in some respects the plot! At first music was the "verb" that connected the visual subject to the object of desire.

Activity onscreen was synonymous with activity in the orchestra pit. So potent and moving was this device that more and more sonic layers have been added over the years in multifarious incarnations. Clever composers developed an approach which seemed a best fit for the marrying of onscreen activity with their musical creations.

In the old days a guy like Tiomkin would use the entire orchestra in a fugue with parts carefully timed to ape or Mickey Mouse the action with a sound to match each action flourish.

Bernard Herrmann would repeat a small phrase modulating Vola Colomba - Various - Boulevard Des Italiens with large or small choirs of instrumental colors. Or, he'd expostulate brazenly with large percussion canons [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) flourishing brass stings.

John Barry would divide eighth notes into and alternate chromatic chords atop in a lurching rhythm while a definite memorable melodic phrase floated above. Lalo Schifrin would take a West Coast Jazz instrument group and add ad lib Tabla drums, stream of consciousness flute and afro-cuban melody fragments.

Jerry Goldsmith would divide the rhythms into cells of uneven groups of beats, blend short motives of melody with electronic amplifications and batteries of percussion colors interspersed with huge blocks of heavy brass, glissandos and varied woodwind combinations. Henry Mancini would take bass flute, low woodwinds, divided strings and agitato celli up a slow chromatic scale in half-tones with increasing dynamics.

Miklos Rozsa would build grand architectural choirs of instrument groups in a statement of theme and antiphonal "answer" of theme around vigorous brass configurations as counterpoints and obbligatos colored the dynamics. Contemporary composers appeared. A new kind of action music was born. Melody vanished. Themes were banal or mere accidental motives tossed up by chord changes.

Augmentation of acoustic orchestra with heavy batteries of keyboard synths mirrored onscreen action and "punched up" whatever appeared. Slow builds of walls of sonic amplification became a muscular wallpaper as stings of sampled sounds slashed through the heavy soup with chalk-on-the-blackboard psychology.

You could transplant this "action" music from film to film and hardly recognize any switch had taken place. If we regard a film such as King Kong as an exception because it was shot while he was scoring it, we find he has a preferred approach.

It might be a strong tip-off that crap is on the way! Barry likes to know what the decision-maker on the film wants for the background score.

He has been chainsawed from disagreements between a director and producer before i. Born Free. Barry likes to have - at least - a rough cut of the film to work from. He is stimulated in the right direction by the Je ne sais quoi that emanates from the screen which no script can divulge in advance.

Barry is attracted to the emotional core of a film. Is love, passion, revenge, loss, pathos [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) pivot point? If so, Barry can identify with that and his muse awakens. Sometimes he is merely attracted by a genre or a director or a writer attached to a film's ethos. The Tamarind Seed had Blake Edwards at the helm and two fine actors at the center of the spy genre which was different in every way from his previous Bond forays into that oeuvre.

Dances With Wolves was scenic, panoramic but personal--with one man at the center of the drama. All these considerations aside John Barry watches the key [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) over and over on his little viewing screen Moviola. He sits at his piano and plays chords while watching the flow of the images. The chords, the mood, the marriage of image and sound trigger that primal wellspring of dramatic affinity within his musical soul.

When an idea catches fire he fleshes it out. No electronic keyboards and software for this veteran gentleman! The sharpened pencil and staff paper are [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) companions as he, as Beethoven and Prokofiev before him, dots in the bass notes, the harmonic progression and the all-important topline of melody - glorious melody! In a jazz oriented score such as The KnackBarry primarily uses the core idea of Peasants - Houses - A Quiet Darkness strong melody which can sustain variation upon variation as the unifying element around which the score is built.

John Barry has an extraordinary gift for arranging. What instruments will play, in what combinations and how they will nip and tuck together and separately are the lifeblood of his special "sound". From his unique experience as a musician who has played ensemble with a group in front of a live audience Barry has one phenomenal advantage over conservatory trained composers. Barry knows that the flesh and blood lips and fingers of the person blowing, plucking and strumming are the center of gravity, the science and the magic of what the audience will hear and, especially Got You (Full Clean Radio Version) - Various - Cornerstone Mixtape - September 2001 No.32 FEEL when the music is heard at last.

How much freedom will JB pencil in for the musicians? It goes like this. Barry has the central terra firma on paper; the chord progressions, the harmony, the punctuations of rhythm and cadence and the skeleton of form and function. Often the muted trumpet part is ad lib. A coda to a piece can suddenly erupt with improvisation and madcap mayhem lending a New Orleans smoky cafe atmosphere to an otherwise conventional play through.

The essential concept stitching together the various parts is the byplay and movement of the musical activity between groups and individuals. No stiffness allowed! Do musicians enjoy working under his baton? The man is a legend! He knows his stuff. He [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) his own music as a musician first and as a listener. There is little that is "old school" in his approach. He has El Beso - Nati Mistral - Luna De España gigs as a trumpeter and bandleader.

Fun, but no nonsense - that's our man. In the recording studio with the film running on the big screen at a session Barry often finds a last minute remedy for a scene that isn't working. At the Goldfinger recording session, for example, he realised something was missing upfront. He had not composed the trumpet fanfare at the outset of Goldfinger, only the chords.

Instinctively, on the spot, he wrote the now famous brass intro - and the rest is -well, an amazing moment in musical history. He can change a line, add a harmony, excise a pattern that isn't working or create a miracle on the spot while the musicians warm their chairs. [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) above is a loose accounting of the manner and method of a [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) alone.

Once the contract is signed and millions of dollars invested in a fragile medium that can sink into oblivion if the audience is indifferent - Barry goes to work much as a surgeon with dying patient's heart in his hand. It is all up to him! His success and our collective enthusiasm testify to his expertise as a miracle worker par excellence!

Nine years, thirty-five singles, twenty-four chart entries, fifteen EPs, seven albums later; he finally decided to leave the record industry to Men In Prison - Jackie Leven - The Haunted Year - Winter: Men In Prison / Munich Blues fully on fulfilling his thespian dream.

Over the next thirty-four years, Faith was to achieve at least the major part of this long-held ambition by becoming one of Britain's most popular stars of stage and screen. He The Blue Necklace - The Modern Jazz Quartet - Under The Jasmin Tree John Perryn secondary modern school, Acton, and from the age of twelve was soon able to demonstrate his entrepreneurial skills by means of a series of paper rounds, which enabled him to finance his own clothes budget.

This was augmented further when he started selling papers from a pitch to enable him Ho Tanti Sogni Nel Mio Bagaglio (Jain Tant De Rêves Dans Mes Bagages) - Adamo - Adamo pay for more than, worth of other 'gear'. This gear included a record player and an impressive bicycle, both costing around, 28; a large sum indeed by nineteen-fifties standards.

The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight this was achieved before he left school, at which point he embarked on his first full-time job as an odd-job boy for a silk screen printer close to his home.

After Napalmstorm & Barbaric Hate - Terror 88 - Rehearsal 1 a few weeks with this company, he heard of a vacancy for a messenger boy at Rank Screen Services and was taken on at the princely sum of, 3. However, after a year elapsed without any sign of his move, he left to join a company in Wardour Street, Soho, known as T.

Advertising Ltd. This was a period when he, like many of his peers, was bitten by the skiffle bug which was then sweeping Britain. His first great idol was Lonnie Donegan who inspired him to form his first group with colleagues from work. Six-Five Special T. One idea was to broadcast a show direct from the Two Is. Naturally, as the resident band, The Worried Men opened and closed the programme, valuable exposure, and, ultimately, Nelham's first big break.

HMV label on the strength of the T. It received very little publicity either in the form of music press coverage or from EMI's own advertisement department. Not surprisingly it failed to make any impression on the charts. Despite all Good's confidence in him, he failed to make any immediate impression on television either, but gave him another opportunity when he booked him to appear in his stage show version of Six-Five Special.

However, the stage show wasn't the success Good envisaged, and after just four performances, Faith found himself out of work. National Studios at Elstree. It was while he was there he received a phone call from John Barry in March ofinviting him to audition for Drumbeat. After sufficiently impressing producer Stewart Morris, Swedish Boys - King Dude - Sex landed an initial contract for three shows which was later extended to the full 22 week run.

Drumbeat commenced in April and the following month, Faith, although out of contract with HMV, was once again heard on vinyl; performing one track, 'I Vibrate', as part of a six-track E.

Fontana's publicity claimed this to be "a direct recording from a BBC telecast! Unfortunately, the record once again failed to attract the pop pundit, but on this occasion Faith was clearly hindered by a total absence of publicity caused by the release date unluckily coinciding with a national printing strike! Despite the failure of his first three records, Faith was becoming very well known and popular through his Drumbeat appearances.

Acting still held a sway for Angels And Devils - Monica Törnell - Dont Give A Damn, and in August he announced his intention of taking drama and elocution classes, in order to enhance his acting potential.

It was about half-way through the Drumbeat series when Faith attracted the attention of film producer George Willoughby, who was searching for a young pop singer to appear in his new film, 'Beat Girl', then in pre- production stage.

Although Faith had little record success up till then, Willoughby was struck by his stage presence and so signed him on the strength of this. The script called for Faith to sing a couple of songs. As Barry was by then arranging not only Faith's recordings but also his live Drumbeat material, it came as no surprise when the film company asked him to write the score to accompany Faith's big [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) debut - Barry's own very first steps into the world of film music composing.

Drumbeat album, recorded on the 10th May at Abbey Road Studios, London and released two months later. On this LP, the rock 'n' roll influence remained. The Raindrops vocal trio. Worth was to become the final piece in the Parlophone backroom jigsaw that catapulted Faith from contender to champion in the pop market place. Worth, born in Battersea, London on 21st Junebegan working as a draughtsman prior to his compulsory two years national service. On returning to civvy street, he was determined to stay out of office work and make his name as a singer.

Like many singers, he also aspired towards song-writing although his first three attempts were rejected out of hand by music publishers. However, when Faith, striking up a friendship with him on the Drumbeat set, asked if he had any material suitable for recording, Worth approached JB7 pianist Les Reed to help him arrange a demo of one of these initial songs - 'What Do Ticket To Ride - The Beatles - 1962-1966 Want?

Barry has always been credited with the idea of [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) pizzicato strings inspired by Buddy Holly's "Raining In My Heart"but according to Worth, this was entirely his own brainchild. Because he was still under contract to Oriole, Worth felt the need to adopt a pseudonym whilst writing songs and so was Next Sector (Remix) - Secret Intelligence - World Within Les Vandyke.

This was derived by combining Reed's own first name with Worth's London telephone exchange! As a result, assistant John Burgess took the helm in his absence, and was to do so for the remainder of Faith's EMI career. According to Barry, on hearing the record, one of EMI's executives publicly declared his disapproval, vowing that Barry would on no account ever be allowed to take part in any more sessions! After the recording Barry admitted that both he and Faith were despondent following Dub No.

9 - Saafi Brothers - The Quality Of Being One (File, Album) commercial failures. This time they were determined to impose their own personal tastes far more emphatically than they had done previously, when the flavour of the day tended to override aesthetic considerations.

Keith Fordyce, writing in the former, praised Barry's arrangement and choice of instrumentation - Jack Good, columnist in its rival, applauded the production, tipping chart success on both sides of the Atlantic. EMI, perhaps scenting success, mounted a strong advertising campaign - promoting the single far more vigorously than either of Faith's first two HMV releases. Disc, Eve Taylor, recognising good copy when she [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) it, claimed Faith had definitely made his last record to concentrate on acting, citing his appearance in a ninety-minute drama for Rediffusion TV at the end of year, as evidence.

Despite this, 'What Do You Want? Clearly, interest was growing, to a point when it entered the N. Adam Faith, singer, had clearly arrived.

His mentor, Jack Good, whilst applauding his success, claimed his acting actually improved his singing. He also mentioned that the song was initially rejected by Johnny Kidd, although Worth denied this, maintaining that he had refused permission for Kidd to use it when the singer had wanted to U Dont Wanna - Various - Realest [email protected]@as Down South it a rock 'n' roll treatment.

Another surprise arrived with the revelation that the orchestral backing consisted of just four strings, with two tenor saxes suggesting the sound of a cello. Faith had finished recording his Beat Girl songs just three days previously and had signed to appear in another film - Moment Of Truth.

This song, another originally rejected by several music publishers in its original incarnation as 'Poor Man', shot to number one Youre Obsolete - Nasum - Inhale / Exhale the U. It was felt by some that Faith and Barry were contriving [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) backing and singing style that leaned far too heavily on the late lamented singer.

Barry certainly never denied the accusation although it is probably fairer to say he adopted rather than copied the sound; an individual [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) which itself was soon to be widely imitated throughout the popular music scene.

With his newly acquired wealth generated from two number one singles, he announced his plan to buy a new car, a new house for his parents and to invest the rest! His own debut album, Adamwas scheduled to be recorded in March, touring schedule permitting. Here was Faith in quite Lost Effigy - Nyarlathotep / Gnome - >Lost Effigy< / Story -Legendary Japanese Wolves- different guise.

The flip, however, owed more to the usual formula, though on this occasion, Faith's enunciation of 'baby' was even more exaggerated. The song was written mainly by Perry Ford, with some help from Johnny Worth, who, at this point, revealed his rather curious way of composing - using an old out-of-tune piano given to him by his Tea Leaves - Readings $10.00. Embassy, whose distribution was confined to the huge Woolworth chain.

As these records were considerably cheaper than those put out by the majors, and always consisted of two current hits albeit cover versions sales were quite respectable.

Faith, himself, played the part of Tommy Towers - a small-time tearaway. On this occasion, his only musical contribution was to sing 'Johnny' over the end titles. Barry adapted the traditional American folk song, while Lionel Bart, oddly, credited under the pseudonym John Maitland, updated the lyrical content. At this point, Beat Girl was still waiting in the queue of X certificate films to be released.

The first [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) of 'Made You' amounted to a phenomenal 80, copies, based on initial enquiries through dealers and was aided and abetted by publicity resulting from Faith's appearance on ITV's Cool For Cats and Saturday Club. Once again, the single was released with Faith's previous record - on this occasion 'Someone Else's Baby' - still firmly entrenched in the top twenty.

By now, Faith was also receiving good notices for his concert performances most notably at the Blackpool Hippodromewhile in the NME's June chart survey, he even overtook Cliff Richard!

Both sides of the new release made the top ten, despite a BBC airplay ban for 'Made You', on the grounds of exhibiting a lewd and salacious lyric! A six-hour session ensued which was repeated the following Sunday. During a discussion after the session, Faith revealed a desire to do a TV and West End play as well as becoming an LP artist, while John Barry announced his intention of [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) down the pizzicato effect on Faith's next single.

Worth duly obliged, more as a joke than anything else, yet didn't tell anyone until he'd finished it. The finished product, shortened to 'How About That', became another huge hit for the team. Barry, commenting on the arrangement said, "I've used strings and rhythm as before for the main side, but kept the pizzicato down to a minimum. Faith himself was voted eighteenth most popular world musical personality, seventh world male singer, third British vocal personality and second British male singer.

His success was splendid Serpent Navigators - Omni Trio - The Haunted Science for film producer George Willoughby, who was looking for a means of promoting Beat Girlon the eve of its impending release.

Although Faith had a sizeable part in this film he was by no means its star. Nevertheless, Willoughby was able to exploit his pop-star status by selling Beat Girl on his name.

It finally opened at the London Pavilion on 28th October, to very mixed reviews, though Faith's own performance and the music were highly commended. Dick Whittington at Wimbledon. The panto opened on Christmas Eve, and it was The Beat - Cyberhalo - Nebulous where Faith revealed a desire to widen the scope of film roles offered to him.

After playing two rebellious characters, he was conscious of becoming typecast. Lonely Pup, was written by Scottish bandleader Archie Alexander. Freddy Poser of Mills Music explained how this came about: "Archie brought it in to me and wanted a decision on the spot.

I liked it so I took a chance and accepted it with Adam in mind. When I took it round and showed it to him, Eve Taylor and John Barry, they all flipped for it at once. When asked to comment on this, Faith said that he felt the duo were out of touch with the current music scene.

Adam was released on 4th November to much acclaim - as much for the inventiveness of musical director John Barry's arrangements, as for Faith's own performances. Face To Face programme - a major coup this, for Faith. Transmitted live on December 11th, Faith surprised many a viewer by dint of his resolution and alertness in the face of some tough questioning from presenter John Freeman.

Dick Whittington duly opened with the very first performance lasting a marathon three and a half hours, culminating in a 25 minute impromptu concert, during which time he performed most of his hits.

He opened with the recent Bob Luman hit, 'Let's Think About Living' and ended with 'Lonely Pup', on which he was joined by children invited from the audience. Johnny Worth specially altered some of the lyrics to fit in with the pantomime's plot. On The Fiddle, although nothing transpired of this. January also saw Faith bouncing back after the somewhat lack-lustre critical response to his Christmas record, with a double 'A' sided Johnny Worth penned effort, 'Who Am I?

Disc, writing in the vernacular of the day, enjoyed the record: "'Who Am I? I like the wide open noise of this half. Faith's The Ray Herrera Orchestra* - Night Train / Mack The Knife is as good, perhaps better than ever. Tune's a simple one, and the lyric matches. Polished arrangement and performance lift it high. With either half - another hit. Faith celebrated its success by consulting Sir Gordon Richards about the feasibility of buying a race-horse.

The Kitchen. Written by Worth, but this time accompanied by Johnny Dankworth, it was surprisingly overlooked for commercial release; all the more surprising given Faith's considerable fan-base. On 5th March he appeared at the N. All the characteristic ingredients were evident but, in the midst of some luke-warm reviews, the record only reached number From certain quarters of the music press, criticism was levelled at the arrangement.

Faith's records and arrangements were, it was suggested, becoming a little too predictable and formalised. Nevertheless, the record remained in the charts for ten weeks. Ritchie was always an artist on the cutting edge and he is now making his SACD debut.

Produced by Bob Keane. This Audio Fidelity musical collection was recorded at the peak of his career in and Produced by Bobby Shad and remastered by Steve Hoffman. The late Pablo Casals spoke of Mr. Rosand as the extraordinary violinist "with a powerful, expressive manner of playing, reminiscent of his old friend, Eugene Ysaye.

But, then again, he is one [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) the great living exponents of Romantic violin music. Matthew Sweet and Pete Droge had just finished typically intensive solo album projects, while Shawn Mullins had recorded a sizable batch of demos for his next album. Because [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) played a variety of instruments and knew how to operate the recording hardware, all three were in the habit of doing most of the work themselves.

Each of them, then, was up for a break from introspection and a taste of interaction when the idea for the experiment came to them through the artist grapevine.

Tracking live in the studio, the three band members played the bulk of the instruments, with the legendary Jim Keltner on drums. This will be the first complete Grieg series made by a Norwegian conductor of his generation, Ole Kristian Ruud. The program on this first disc in the cycle includes both old favorites — the Piano Concerto — and less-known works.

Dorham has an all-star group of young hard boppers eager to play his challenging and memorable originals. Transferred from the first-generation full track mono masters. What timing to have it available on SACD. Her regular guitarist and bassist, Jesse Harris and Lee Alexander, respectively, play Foible - 4D - Pure Ideas every Changed By Love - Various - The Day America Cried - Songs Of Hope For A Unified Nation and also serve as the chief songwriters.

Both have a gift for melody, simple yet elegant progressions and evocative lyrics. This record swings, and the playing is obviously from a more romantic Miles trying to find his way.

The set features the leader Miles with some of his finest playing. The results are historic. What gives the [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) that extra touch is the special lineup of guest stars like Tony Bennett, Shirley Horn and Jim Hall.

Over the years, jazz has been combined with everything from Spanish flamenco, Brazilian samba and Columbian cumbia to Puerto Rican plena, Dominican merengue and Argentinean tango. But Rosales is eclectic, and this unpredictable disc finds him blending post-bop with salsa, merengue and bossa nova. Hear these classics and others as interpreted by Richard Sudhalter, trumpet and flugelhorn; Barbara Lea, vocals; Bob Dorough, piano and vocals; and Jim Ferguson, bass and vocals.

The finesse of the playing at the end of the slow movement is magical and Rebecca Evans sings the wordless solos at the beginning and end of the finale more beautifully and with more purity of tone than any soprano I have heard in the work before. Matthias Bamert and the London Mozart Players are consistently praised for this series, this is the 16th release in his popular Contemporaries of Mozart series. His music is highly innovative, full of color and always distinctive.

This disc, which features his popular tangos with some of his rare orchestra works, is an ideal introduction to his music. Gabriel Castagna and the Wurttemberg Philharmonic play this music with tremendous flair, with all the vivid colors and snapping rhythms brought fully to life in spectacular sound. The partnership between Ian Lawson and Ben Heneghan is a particularly successful and active one.

Together they have received over TV and film commissions. This music his highly accessible, melodic and full of atmosphere. The music for this powerful oratorio demonstrates him as a master of minimalist compositional techniques, yet remains accessible and unashamdely melodic. It is not just a difference between sampling the sound from 44 thousand times a second to Dancing Queen - Various - Commercial Collection 9/92. Listening to SACD immediately gives that feeling of openness.

Depth of sound. The total clarity of the instruments. And of course the large dynamic range. The music is not a block of sound from the speakers but rather it seems to be there without being able to touch it.

For those of you that have Multichannel, the sensation of sitting in the concert hall can now be experienced.

This is a fantastic sampler to get the feel of gorgeous classical music on SACD. The singers all have different voice types, which allows for optimal blending and great flexibility. Since its foundation in by conductor Peter Dijkstra, the group has rapidly achieved national and international fame. Along this pathway his music became gallant in character, no Dream Of You - Schiller - Sonne (CD, Album, Album) so than in this great collection — his Tafelmusik.

His admirers could add to but not originate the formula. This is why his singular voice speaks to us now with such genuine directness and individuality. But perhaps the most accurate way to bring Miles and his groove back would be to call on his classic band. But which one? Until the night of May 12, that is. Inside the club Makor in New York City, four individuals who played with Miles over the distinct phases of his career filled the room with spirit and evocation.

On their latest effort, The Persuasions continue their legacy as they release their brilliantly arranged tribute to the best Pop group of all time on The Persuasions Sing The Beatles. Christy Baron — Take This Journey A truly talented vocalist, Christy Baron brings us her third release, again revealing an intriguing repertoire of modern classics delivered Christmas Without You - Kenny* & Dolly* - Once Upon A Christmas her evocative voice.

Take This Journey is a story, a reflection of life that captures the wonderful reality of the genuine interactions we share with the people around us. This is music of familiar but individual musical landscapes and climate played with quiet but absorbing authority. The SACD is punchier and has more air than any other version available. Hear the styling that marked his transition from big-band singer to supplanting Bing as THE male vocalist for the next three decades.

On the heels of the January release of Blood on the Tracks, Dylan decided to assemble an Old Timey Medicine Show troupe of The Girl Song - DJ Still Wil - Third Degree Burn and mount the now historic tour. Limited to 2, Sets. Fashionably Late also features, for the first time in 20 years, a musical reunion between Linda and Richard Thompson.

None of these songs have ever been released commercially before now, and Solomon makes each of them his own with his dynamic delivery.

Full of confidence after a Best Of compilation released on the Chess label in and his legendary appearance at the Newport Folk Festival, Muddy set down his own Broonzy songs. The result, Old Kit Bag, is an intimate, smoky album from which each story slowly unfolds.

Now his year marriage has also fallen apart — but at least Sexsmith has been able to reach deep into his well of despond for his best album yet. This new sonic palate gives modern life to his classy tales of blown chances, cruel luck and crueler love. And also when I heard that opening [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) on "Speak To Me" with the gain turned up, it just sent shivers down my spine. Barrett used those names to come up with The Pink Floyd Sound, the band's original name.

Each put out a moderate amount of now-hard-to-find recordings. Anderson is best known for his longtime stint as a performer in travelling medicine shows of the early-to-mid s. His work can most easily be found on three Bluesville albums he recorded in Council's recordings are much tougher to find. Like Anderson, Council is reputed to have been an excellent guitarist and singer, and he [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) recorded with Blind Boy Fuller and with Sonny Terry.

There is no evidence that Anderson and Council ever performed or recorded together. Known for its complex instrumental textures, the album firmly established Pink Floyd as one of the most innovative bands in rock history. One layer contains a standard version of the album that works on any CD player. The other layer includes high-resolution stereo and a 5.

The new 5. The Vinyl in its original packaging includes an extra 30th anniversary poster by Storm Thorgerson. EMI hired Doug Sax to handle perhaps the most historic master tapes in pop music.

Sax, long-renowned as a mastering guru, set out to produce his masterpiece on LP. His decision paid off. When we first learned of EMI's decision to reissue Dark Side on vinyl, we along with many of you worried that they would go the usual route of major labels, and we'd all have yet another mediocre-sounding reissue.

We're thrilled to announce that this time the majors got it right. This is it! All of the dynamics, clarity, warmth and air…This surpassed our highest expectations, which believe us, were quite high. Go to www. Read this on-the-scene account at www. Mahler: Symphony No. All compositions on Homage to Count Basie are arranged by Mintzer. All of the solos were performed live with the band and in most cases using the first take with no overdubs, punch-ins or fixes.

Real music in real time. There are also three new Bob Mintzer compositions. As co-leader of Steps Ahead and pianist with Steely Dan and Art Garfunkel, it is [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) that Warren has not had the time to bring his own music to a wider audience.

Nine tunes, all first takes with only one edit in the entire album, along with a setup using no gobos, headphones or isolation make this a most [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score)un-hyped natural piano trio [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) that also features Jay Anderson and Peter Erskine.

If you think you would like to hear a great trio playing in your listening room, this is about as close as it gets. The Kinks — Kinda Kinks Recorded in at the tail end of their world tour, for their second release the Davies brothers were out to prove that not only could they play, but Changes - 2Pac - Greatest Hits they could write their own pop masterpieces as well.

Lead by musical director Michael McElroy, BIV is a multicultural group of energetic performers taking gospel music to a new [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) higher level.

People seem to talk loud, cars are loud, and music is played at unbearably loud volume. Big bands can be unbelievably loud. I know this from experience.

There is something compelling about wailing trumpets, trombones and saxophones. Sometimes it feels good to play loud. Tom Jung has been after me to do a soft and more textural big band recording for many years.

After working with Tom for 18 years, I finally figured out what he was getting at. Gently is exactly what the title suggests: a gentle approach to the big band instrumentation, using clarinets and flutes in place of saxophone, muted brass, the addition of french horns on two numbers, and writing for the band in a range and style that projects a soothing, warm sound. To their publicists, it was an opportunity to continue the inane but mildly amusing tactic of sticking as many Ks into Kinks PR material as possible.

For his third album, Jack Orion originally released inJansch shifted his focus to traditional folk songs. John Rebourn, who also appears on several tracks, went on to play with Jansch in the influential Pentangle. The DVD-Audio disc contains two audio versions of Mahler 5: six-channel surround sound and [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) stereo. The DVD disc contains the inaugural concert video program as filmed by production house Euroarts and an interview in which Rattle candidly discusses the Mahler 5 and his new relationship with the Berlin Philharmonic.

As Linett wrote in the notes for The Pet Sounds sessions "every attempt was made to duplicate the feel and sound of the original mono mixes. Andreas Torkler, the highly-reputed sound engineer for Sonopress of Germany, directed and mastered the session which featured bit DSD recording technology.

He forged a new music that challenged the traditionalist and left the adventurous craving more. With Histoire Du Tango, Piazolla lays out four movements for guitar and violin with the interplay between the two instruments being sprightly and joyous.

The music is accessible and interesting. This is another one from the rough-and-tumble Fat Possum catalog. This is low-down, gritty blues. Been married five times. No more. I first got married when I was seventeen, eighteen years old I got a girlfriend in Sweden. Or maybe Switzerland. [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) also profoundly understood the individual technical and musical character of [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) stringed instrument, as well as its limitations.

Bach writes completely in harmony with the natural pitch, tone quality and pace of the violoncello. Vivaldi Sylvia - Focus - Sylvia / Love Remembered progressive musically. He established the concerto form as an instrumental standard, played with the idea that the soloist was at war with the larger orchestra and using the contrasts to dramatic effect, he pushed the envelope on violin technique.

During the composition of Seasons, Tchaikovsky incorporated three distinct musical styles. Each month from Seasons was given a sub-title by Tchaikovsky and an epigraph written by a variety of famous Russian poets.

Sign up on our [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) site today. Includes some of the best songs of the Three Blind Mice catalog. Guangdong is a prosperous province in South China; its capital, Canton, is the major port for international trade and culture. Guangdong music has its uniqueness in expression and structure — in particular, in the use of special Cantonese instruments.

This is a similar situation to the Simply Vinyl catalog. This fuller sound, although employed by Hooker earlier, could have been a risky departure for him in view of his success with solo or intimate group recordings. The 12 tracks heard on this release were taken from sessions recorded from to I had to use him. Two decades later they came together with bassist Ray Brown Black Bottom Dance - Various - Rare Piano Rolls 1922 - 1927 drummer Shelly Manne who was soon succeeded by Jeff Hamilton as the LA 4 to create highly-appealing music that crossed Peppermint Twist (Instrumental) - Vince Taylor - The Real Deal boundaries.

From bop to Brazilian, classical melodies to Ellington themes, the LA 4 excelled at everything they explored on their eight Concord records. Red Holloway tenor sax and a rare appearance by the great Emily Remler guitar round out the original musicians.

This will be the consummate issue of this famous release. Stan Ricker plays the bass to this day and is a big fan of Ray Brown, making [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) half-speed remastering of this record a special situation.

RTI pressed this gem on gram Blue virgin vinyl. The LPs are individually numbered and packaged in gatefold jackets.

For hardcore devotees and casual fans alike, this progressive musical collective has crafted the soundtrack to the often-cinematic experience better known as life. The latest chapter in this journey of musical storytelling is Original Cinema. Recorded by David Baker. He is often featured as a distinctive drummer, but in fact, he is also one of the best vocalists in the world.

Chambers has contributed to the scene not only as a drummer, but also as composer and arranger since then. He has recorded infrequently as a leader, but he is not one to become stagnant and tries to keep surprising the music world. Please note that this was all recorded live-to-two-track with no overdubs. Chambers is joined by his old buddy saxophonist Gary Bartz. Two of the songs here are by his father, John Coltrane. There were two different units collaborating on this project; one with George Colligan piano and Darryl Hall bassand another with Andy Milne piano and James Genus bass.

Drummer Steve Hass participates on both units. These are free, improvisation numbers that Satan - Various - TG CD Volume 40 (Essential Listening For All Guitarists) the cohesiveness of the musicians chosen.

This album is a remarkable monument of their careers as musicians. The title not only refers to the relationship between Clark and Max but also a dedication to all the musicians they have collaborated with during their remarkable careers. The tunes include duos with Terry and Roach as well as solos by each jazz legend and then a couple songs Ibiza Tribalism - Various - Ibiza Tribalism Don Friedman piano and Marcus McLaurine bass.

Clark Terry has contributed to many famous big bands and gained a strong reputation as the trumpet player of the world. This album surely is another precious treasure for the history of jazz. I thought that will be a real tribute to Miles. So I have asked the musicians to play different from the original.

She also has a natural ability to connect with the audience. It can be said that her amazing talent is best expressed when singing live for the audience. If you have ever experienced her live performance, it is no wonder that her schedule has remained booked throughout the years. This album was record live at B Flat, Tokyo, where the tickets were sold out immediately. Since then, members have changed except pianist Hank Jones. It now can [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) said that GJT is the name of the band Hank Jones leads, but that name is only to be applied when the other musicians are worth the band name.

When you notice the personnel of this album, you will surely understand why it is under the name of The Great Jazz Trio. Of course the pianist and the leader is Hank Jones, but this time he is with Richard Davis on the bass and Elvin Jones on the drums. This is the first album that Cynoptic - The Sullen Route - Apocalyclinic three of these giants got together to record.

His energetic style and the challenging sprit has never weakened, on the contrary, remaining very fresh in his outlook too. His pick for the collaborating musicians is always finest, which brings the credit as "master drummer and the bandleader" of the world.

The format varies according to the piece; it can be said that the beauty of jazz music is condensed in this very album. Here he teams with bassist George Mraz and drummer Lewis Nash Ogród Zwany Eden - D.J. 600V* - Produkcja - Hip Hop Jasna explore the beauty of music. The album is a mixture of his sassy, wellconceived originals and standards. One day his students did not show up, so he sat in front of the piano and fingered some codes, which gave him an idea for this tune.

While listing the tunes he wanted to record on this album, Friedman thought blues or fast tunes would make the list complete. So he forced himself to compose a new tune, just days before the date. Friedman had visited this beautiful beach on vacation and was inspired.

Yasohachi Itoh, the guy they call Eighty-Eight, is back doing what he does best — churning out delicious jazz of the highest sonic merit. If you don't recognize his name, maybe you'll know his work. But first, how 'bout that name? More than a mouthful, it's apropos.

Yasohachi spells EightyEight in the Chinese character. So happens the Yasohachi Itoh, the guy piano, specifically in a jazz context, was the they call Eighty-Eight focus of a young Itoh's interest when he began producing records for Phonogram of Japan around It was during his eight years with Phonogram [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) Itoh first impressed audiophiles with his East Wind label, a Phonogram spawn that specialized in direct-to-disc jazz recordings.

Itoh's success at Phonogram and with his East Wind subsidiary brought a coveted job offer from Sony. The jazz producer took the Sony gig inbut the job meant turning his attention to developing Asian pop artists.

He did so very successfully for more than 20 years. Finally, Itoh yearned to get back to making records of his natural taste — jazz records. Sony has allowed him to pursue those interests through their group company Village Records, which established Eighty-Eight's label. Itoh is back to living up to his nickname, and Acoustic Sounds is thrilled to announce its exclusive mail-order distribution deal with this promising label. Itoh's corralled a cast of the same people who made East Wind's success.

One such integral part is engineer David Baker, who engineered most of the East Wind titles and has since won acclaim for his work with artists like Shirley Horn and Medeski, Martin and Wood.

He is the lead engineer on six of the eight initial Eighty-Eight's releases. The record features Will Boulware, the incredibly-talented organ and keyboards player who She Knows Me Too Well - The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys Today!

(SACD, Album) the keys job with Maceo Parker and who recently recorded on a Prince album. That [untitled] - Elmer Bernstein - Stars n Bars (unused score) sold in excess ofcopies. Itoh also reunited with the great piano player Hank Jones, who put together a reincarnated version of The Great Jazz Trio that includes his younger brother and legendary drummer Elvin Jones.

Autumn Leaves marked the Jones' brothers first recording together in some Curse The Sky - Iced Earth - Iced Earth years.


Sur Vos Pas - Various - 200 Years Of Music At Versailles: A Journey To The Heart Of French Baroque, What You Dont Know - Twisted Sister - Under The Blade, A Groovy Kind Of Love - Ramon Jacinto - Fine As Wine Instrumentals, Nocturne No.1 (in Bb Minor) - Filip Skutela - Piano Works, Tea Leaves - Readings $10.00, René Et Gaston - Vallée 2000, Letter To A Friend - Doug Cameron - Rendezvous, I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Creedence Gold, Fly United - Amon Düül 2* - Vive La Trance, Family Impressions - Maria Bamford - Plan B (DVD), You Cant Wait (Questo MIx) - B-Twinz - You Cant Wait, Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised) - Peter Tosh - Legalize It

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  7. Composed and Conducted by Elmer Bernstein, (Film Score Monthly – FSM) Comancheros, The (Unused songs) – Claude King. You Walked Away (Unused songs) – Claude King. Main Title (mono) Stars ‘N’ Bars (Varèse Sarabande – .
  8. W W W. A C O U S T I C S O U N D S. C O M 18 D I D Y O U K N O W PINK FLOYD, THE BAND NAME comes from the first names of bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, both of whom guitarist Syd Barrett is said to have admired. Barrett used those names to come up with The Pink Floyd Sound, the band's original name.
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