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Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy

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Can't Hardly Wait Get Over It Down to You Head Over Heels Comedy Mystery Romance. A young woman is attracted to a man despite her thinking she's seen him kill someone. Bring It On Comedy Romance Sport. John Tucker Must Die Cruel Intentions Drama Romance. Nicole Maris 26 Chicky Boom - Soul Center - III Grenier Chase Hammond Stephen Collins Maris Mark Metcalf Rope William Converse-Roberts Hammond Faye Grant Maris Susan May Pratt Alicia Kris Park Ray Neeley Ali Larter Dulcie Mark Webber Dave Gabriel Carpenter Brad Lourdes Benedicto Chloe Frost Keri Lynn Pratt Dee Vine Natasha Pearce Sue Derrick Shore Taglines: The last guy she wants is the only Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy she needs.

Language: English. Runtime: 91 min. Sound Mix: Dolby. Color: Color. Caffeinated Clint. The story, based on a book, is incredibly vapid, but both leads are charming and have great Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy. Luke Y. Despite its terrible title "Drive Me Crazy" proves more substantial Pride (In The Name Of Love) - Kingston Club - Kingston Club bubble gum.

The story is less comedy than drama, populated by teenage characters who are - you had better sit down for this - believable. Jeffrey Westhoff. The film is little more than adequate, not a total washout, but nothing that hasn't been recycled a thousand times before, and done more ambitiously.

Dustin Putman. It's getting that I literally can't tell the teen movies apart any more. Scott Weinberg. Ross Anthony. David Noh. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks. Batwoman: Season 1. Doctor Who: Season The Flash: Season 6. Into The Dark: Season 2. The Mandalorian: Season 1. Riverdale: Season 4. Saturday Night Live: Season Supergirl: Season 5. The Walking Dead: Season Watchmen: Season 1. Certified Fresh Pick. View All. Awards Tour. Log in with Facebook.

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Official Charts Company. Brown as a patient. The rest is predictable but still a good amount of fun. Curtis was still at the top of his game here showing how he can easily elicit laughs from such a vile manipulator, but it's Wood who surprises as Brown.

Displaying a nervous but infectious energy that feeds Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy into the two sides of the doctor, she is funny and sexy in a way that she could never quite balance as well again in her career. Witness the hilariously conflicted drunken scene in her apartment for evidence of her talent. Quine was smart to cast three sharp stars in the key supporting roles - Henry Fonda as the put-upon Frank browbeaten into a sad man by Lauren Bacall pulling all the stops as the shrewish basket case Sylvia is, and Mel Ferrer as Brown's somewhat ambiguous colleague.

Add a sultry Fran Jeffries who performs two numbers including the title tune for no apparent reason except to sell records, an even sexier Leslie Parrish "The Manchurian Candidate" as Weston's secretary, and a genuinely funny extended car chase scene, and you have the makings of an under-appreciated sex comedy.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Mendelovich 8 April The stars that this movie features promise and deliver. I have never seen a sweeter woman than Natalie Wood here. Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy Curtis is the tabloid bad guy first, who becomes the romantic fool later. Henry Fonda manufactures pantyhoses and Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy happily, and many times sadly married to Lauren Bacall, once his secretary. The plot is wonderfully built Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy the developing romance between Curtis and Wood and its intertwining with the tensions between Fonda and Bacall.

Curtis develops a scheme to bring Wood to admit that she did or didn't you know whatthe results of which will be published in STOP!

After he falls in love with her everything changes, but the problem is that the scheme included Fonda, and this is further Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy by Bacall's temperament.

The complication produces many comical situations you will enjoy. I've seen this one a few times over the years and wish it would come out in DVD.

Natalie Wood was never more beautiful, and Junto A Ti Esta Noche - Various - Ritmo N°1 battle of the sexes was never more fun.

It's great to see a love story that doesn't resort to foul language or adult humor, but simply witty dialog and the vagaries of human nature. Tony Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy plays a tabloid reporter trying to get the goods on Helen Gurley Brown played by Natalie Wood and her personal life to find out if she actually knows anything about sex and relationships. To this end, he impersonates an acquaintance played by Henry Fonda whose having problems with his jealous wife played Lover Who Wonder - Dion & The Belmonts - 20 Super Hits By Dion Lauren Bacall so that he can pose as a patient and seek her advice.

The confusion caused by this impersonation just leads to more problems. However, this is just a sideshow to the reporter's seduction of Dr.

Brown and the glorious mayhem that ensues. What could have been a sharp satire on 60's sexual attitudes runs basically lame throughout, the script simply comes up short. The basic mistaken identity plot device fails to provide laughs and it is so much the base of the film's story that it's failure prevents the whole from going anywhere. However, all is not lost.

There is a Dont Steal My Dreams - Louise Hoffsten - Looking For Mr. God grace, and that is the presence of the then 25 year old Natalie Wood, playing the sexologist Helen Gurley Brown. Wood, in this film is staggeringly pretty.

She had, at that age, a natural girl next door beauty that has rarely if ever been rivaled in film history. Seeing this film and Wood again recently for the first time in decades was a revelation. About her, not the mediocre film.

Superb example of s romantic farces, Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis shine. TxMike 23 June I Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy not been a big fan of Natalie Wood but have become interested in her since meeting young Natalie who reminds me very much of the actress. So I have been seeing some of her old movies here and there. This one has been released on DVD and it is a very nice one. Quickly she found her appointments being canceled because of the article. But Bob Weston has an even grander plan, he will romance the young doctor and get enough inside information to write an even harder-hitting expose'.

Bob's neighbor and friend is ladies hosiery manufacturer and sales manager Henry Fonda as Frank Broderick. Frank's wife is Lauren Bacall as Sylvia. As soon as Bob realizes that Helen Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy who he is and will not let him even in the same room, he hatches a plan, he will pretend to be his neighbor, Frank, and ask for help with relationship issues between himself and his wife. But Frank and Sylvia know nothing about this.

The interplay between Curtis and Wood is great, and many very funny situations result. When Helen eventually finds out what is really going on she decides to skip out to Fiji with an admiring co-worker, but Bob, Frank, and Sylvia all end up in Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy madcap chase scene on the Los Angeles freeway system, that also involves a cab driver, an ice cream vendor, and a motorcycle cop.

It is madcap, and it is funny. Nothing in the story is plausible but it doesn't have to be. It is just a funny story with funny characters. A classic from the s. Here is a movie that could have been a 60s classic lampooning tabloid journalism, skin-deep psychology, proto-feminism, marital problems, hypocrisy, and sexual freedom.

Instead, it is a cartoonish pastiche of amateurish slapstick, poorly-time jokes, silly contrived situations, and one of the most idiotic and long car chases in the history of cinema.

The idea of a sleazy editor doing a hatchet job on a year-old virgin psychologist who has written a bestseller affirming the sexual lives of single Heaven - Various - Another Year On The Streets Vol.3 should certainly have hilarious possibilities - specially if he is a liar, she cannot handle her own feelings, and they are sexually attracted to each other.

However, the script is ludicrous and inconsistent often degenerating into total silliness: at first, the story appears to take place in New York, then all the characters end up at the L. The inept direction give us the sad spectacle of screen Reverberations - Robert John Godfrey - Reverberations Henry Fonda and Lauren Bacall doing the twist while the Count Basie Orchestra is performing a swing song!

They try saying their idiotic lines with utter lack of conviction - probably this movie was an embarrassment to them. Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis also fail at being funny although that is the script's fault and not their own. In the long run, it is hard to watch so much stupidity and wasted talent on the screen. Avoid it at all costs. Despite all his critics,"Sex and the Single Girl" is a delight,a pure entertainment film with a marvelous cast giving very good performances.

Henry Fonda found Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy Lauren Bacall one partner in the same caliber of Bette Davis or Katharine Hepburn and the two made a terrific team. Mel Ferrer contributes with funny moments in a rare comedy performance. Of, Course Mr. Wilder is a renowned director,Quine don't have the same status but in this movie and several in his filmography he shows a great talent special for comedy and develop a friendship with the late Jack Lemmon who once said Quine is one of most underrated directors in this business.

For all this reasons watched It! In-name-only screen-version of Helen Gurley Brown's book, a glossy but fairly unamusing comedy which begins as a semi-sophisticated battle-of-the-sexes, Children Of Israel - Various - Santic + Friends (An Even Harder Shade Of Black) becoming a ditsy slapstick outing which treats its characters as overage juveniles.

Gossip-magazine editor Tony Curtis lands on Natalie Wood's couch--but sex is the furthest thing from her mind as she's playing a psychologist. Gurley Brown was probably red-faced at having her title and name utilized for nothing more than another '60s bedroom farce one wherein the bedroom is kept strictly under wraps. Curtis and Wood look great in their prime, but their characters are all talk. The liveliest material is saved for alternate couple, Henry Fonda and Lauren Bacall.

WB sure has made some silly movies, and this one is no exception. It's a lot like the WB comedies of Barbra Streisand from Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy same time period.

Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy about the title. Natale Wood plays "Dr. The guy who played "Gen. Bullmoose" in Li'l Abner. Also Leslie Parish she was Daisy Mae and several Hollywood character actors old film buffs will recognize at once. Count Basie and his Orchestra.

Fran Jeffries is a "knockout" as Gretchen. Great chemistry between Tony Curtis - Drive Me Crazy and Natale. They really seem to enjoy kissing each other. She is wonderful to see as a fresh-faced young girl.


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  1. While I drive you crazy Let's ride baby While I drive you crazy [Verse 1 - Pitbull:] Catch me on New Year's Eve, on Fox Bringing that Miami Heat, white hot She's like "papi, why you work so hard", why not? That's not what she says when I'm working that box Now ride baby, forget about the past and ride baby Once you give it up, you'll.
  2. Drive Me Crazy is not a horrible movie, but it ultimately is what it is: light fare for the teenage crowd. I did like that they had the popular kids and the I guess we would call them geeks or nerds and they sort of had this series of interactions that laid bare how so many people must’ve felt during high school.
  3. Drive Me Crazy phrase. What does Drive Me Crazy expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Drive Me Crazy - Idioms by The Free Dictionary drive me buggy; Drive Me Crazy; drive me down; drive me home; drive me insane; drive me into a corner; drive me mad; drive me nuts; drive me off; drive me on; drive me out;.
  4. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" was a commercial success. The song peaked at number two on the European Hot Singles, being held off the top spot by R. Kelly's "If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time". In the United Kingdom, it was Spears' third consecutive single to reach a top five position. The track debuted and peaked at number five on the chart issue dated October 2, , and stayed on the Format: inch, CD, cassette.
  5. Drive Me Crazy, the second book in Tracy Wolff’s Shaken Dirty Series, was a fabulous read that has quickly made me a card carrying member of the Shaken Dirty Fan Club! I love this band, I love every single character (well, except for Micah who is in serious need of a swift knee to the balls) and I love the decadent and exciting world the /5.
  6. Oct 01,  · Well, the plotline was predictable, however, Drive me Crazy is a highly entertaining teenage romp. The dialogue is witty, the theme is good-spirited, and, as in every teen movie, the soundtrack is great. The film has its flaws, however, particularly in Melissa Joan Hart, one of the worst actresses of our time/10(K).
  7. Listen to the biggest hits from Tony Curtis, including My Lady in Red, Martin & Lewis (February 29, ), Preserve, and more on Slacker Radio. Reggae Tony Curits. FEATURED. Tony Curtis. Sound Box Essentials Platinum Edition. FEATURED. Drive Me Crazy by Christopher Trouble I've Got to Get It One More Try Weak You're Love I Wanna Be Down.
  8. May 30,  · Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS You Drive Me Crazy · The Legend Orchestra Only Hits from the 80's (25 Hits) ℗ EOL Productions Released on: Auth.

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