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The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight

Download The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight

I even sent Pasion - AMI* - Adios Misterioso Imperio text look at you text us one out. It goes, I got it. Hi Susan Hey guys. I'm gonna get posted to the group real quick and then we're gonna get started. I think we have about 15 minutes for this first station and then we've got five more stations after this and then we'll have a free for all at the end and I can kinda go around and show you whatever you wanna see if there's something that you didn't grab and.

Like I El Beso - Nati Mistral - Luna De España wait till the end to see if it survives you can totally do that. If you love something it might be there at the end. Hey Brenda hi guys. Hello guys. It's round Robin time. It's been a while since it's been a hot minute since we've done a round Robin with this group Autumn and I are down in Oklahoma City so we are around robbing it with our Oklahoma City friends.

Yeah girl so excited. There are lots of amazing things here. We've got new Savannah here that we haven't seen yet Ambers leggings Elizabeth's two stations down not the next one with the one. They're behind me, so yeah, if you pass on something or if you try to wait, they might sell it because they like to sell all the things.

So if you see something that you're Super duper love don't hesitate to get it because if you wait, it might not be here at the very end. I'm just going to get this shared to the group. If you guys will do me a huge huge favor. Click that bottom. Hand button it says share hello Ambers Right, that is in stations and three stations from here.

We have more Savannah, which is what I'm wearing in two stations. There's Breeze - Stereo MCs - Deep Down & Dirty solid olive Green and large extra large. It's gorgeous solid olive Green. It's amazing. So yes. Yes, to all the things pretty much all the things okay swing as many missing places to post this and then we will get started.

Hey Charlene there are some here, but I think only one person brought the wins and it's the same girl whose place we were at this morning so not any different ones from this morning. Alright, my water Hey guys. Alright do me a favor While we're getting started, you guys. I've got a sore here. Y'all take it. That's what I get it looks like looks like anyways, Okay guys.

So we're starting at my own The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight. There's five more after this The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight then there will be a free for all at the end.

With these two Savannah The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight you guys to Savannah, there's a really good chance. It's got that tight and it's got a black belt. That's large extra large if you guys have any questions girls. It's one of my favorites. I love it. I wear this one on Christmas Day with my black hat So, yeah, this one 's my nose, small medium small medium black background with gray and like a slate blue and White floral small medium small medium.

There are more Savannah here. Two stations down Tuesday. So stick with me don't go anywhere. Corey is look you Brenda. How do you know Corey do you know that's hilarious. We're gonna show some leggings The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight then I got Christy tees. I got a few Shirleys. I've got some linen and then some just a couple alright, Caroline and one lonely one lonely. Emily anybody need this You guys.

Extra large gorgeous floral highlight background with purple and pink floor rolls love that purple that's that is Left Turn On A Red Light - Blackfoot - Strikes LED dress.

It's an LED dress. Size extra large extra. Hey, it might still be it might still be there when we get there. What number is is this in two days. Wait what Oh this is number we did do we do We did three takeovers yesterday one today and this tonight. Number one T C two number two. We got gray with the White horses and number three Brenda Jensen. I still can't believe you haven't grab this up. These are gorgeous gorgeous blue with the pink roses like a dark Navy Navy background with a gorgeous florals.

TC two number three number three. Alright, cheesy leggings TC leggings We've got tie dye. TC guys, TC number one, pink and orange and like a magenta number one number two Green with a dark Green as tech number two number three hot pink and White hot pink and White stripes. Number three thanks Lanny number four number four.

These are really pretty they're Brown with purple medallions and like a lighter Brown. These are gorgeous TC number four from far away it kinda looks like a raisin Brown. And then number five, we've got the purple with a White butterfly so their tea one. Anybody anybody wants the OS if anybody down here, let Untitled - Andrew Coltrane - Untitled know, Okay.

We've got 23 exits. We've got a Red with micro polka dots. Okay, I'm sold out of two X sold out of two X. Alright size size Large. What does everybody have planned for this week? Tell me what your plans are this week size Large. This is a chocolate Brown. Stars large number one number two, These are largest number three is this Navy and White number four heathered pink with the floral Eddie My Love - Various - Looking Back.

The Jumping 50s four, and that's an extra large just kidding so one through four on the largest okay mediums Medium lemonade number one. This is a micro polka dot blue with cream polka dots number The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight and gray with a floral number two number two.

Then size small size small game night that sounds like fun. Alright, small binging Netflix where I go back to work on Thursday. What are you watching right now? What's everybody watching right now working a few hockey games this week. That's what you'll do on New Year's Eve Okay. So making that making that money.

Hidden City Flyer Ticke…. David Gagne. Michael J. The Dolly Dots. The Legendary Pink …. Dots Per Inch. Chedda da Connect. The Connect. Street Connect. Connect the Dots MisterWives. Social Pretender - Freeway. Thundercat - Black Qualls. Dami Im - Kiss you anyway. Andreea Antonescu - Te cert cu vin. Point North - Into the dark feat. Kellin Quinn. She was still thinking about the conversation they'd held while they were waiting.

Thank you and Dad for saving us, giving us a loving home, and believing in me. I can't believe I'm going to be a junior in college next year!

I promise to do well. After all, I have a heck of a role model to emulate. I had just about lost everything. My career was going up in flames, my husband had left me, and I had nothing left. Then I came to that cookout to make one more effort to get my life back. I not only got my husband back, I got a family as a bonus. Have I told you how much I love you and Ari, and how proud I am of you? It'll probably take another thirty or forty years before I get tired of it.

Now, straighten that face! It's almost time. The reverend of the Episcopalian church they had been attending for the last fourteen months was standing at the bower, smiling. Their friends from the age appropriate group they had joined Ni Un Segundo - Soda Stereo - Soda Stereo there. Jen had even flown in with her husband and five month old son.

Sol stood beside Dave, while Susan, dressed to match Marsha and Arianna, took her place on the opposite side from Marsha. Six year old six and a half! Each had a little pillow strapped on their back. They stood for a minute, enjoying the scene before Dave slowly walked down the red carpet, preceded by Ari spreading rose petals. The dogs were in their usual positions, one step behind her. They joined hands in front of the reverend and recited their vows again.

She got a big surprise when Ari handed Dave her ring. Dave had taken Party - Elvis Presley - Dont Be Cruel to the jeweler's for cleaning, and had a large diamond encrusted band wrapped around it. She let him slip it on her finger, glancing at the mother's ring the girls had gotten her for her last birthday, the two different stones twinkling in the twilight. She let a tear slip down her cheek when the Reverend asked who gave this woman away, and Sol answered, "Their daughters do.

The first was marrying Beverly the first time. The second was the day Ari's adoption papers were signed and she got to carry their last name. Marsha broke down when he told her she would have to take The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight last name, too, giving her the papers.

All she had to do was file them and the Waxman family was complete. He grinned as he slipped the expensive band on her finger. It symbolized the old with the original setting, and a new beginning with the upgrade. He already had the one for their thirtieth anniversary in mind. If he thought he had a surprise for her, she one-upped him in a spectacular way.

After the vows and the kiss, she called for everyone's attention. There is one more thing to celebrate tonight. It was to confirm something I already knew in my heart. I'm pregnant, honey, eight weeks along. I have no idea how it happened but I consider it a gift from God. Oh, and it's a girl. He fainted. Ari had graduated with honors and would be following Marsha to the same university. Dave grinned at Marsha while he held his four year old grandson on his lap.

She grinned back while she held his twin sister. These are the Traxxas Okay. You got a girl. I'll pick you up something. We have this piece the peace sign I have spread hummus not hate. I have T shirt T shirt and then we've got this one Super. I know, okay.

Crystal made it through yes your pants. No Sarah, my gosh girl you've been through the ringer friends. Those are my three exes. What oh my goodness look at your picture. That is tell me about your picture. What did you draw? Let's see here okay. Let's do some Michelles for you. We're gonna do Michelle's so we're gonna start with the mediums.

I'll show you what I have over here the one. Nanny huh. The one on the Mannequin is actually a medium that really pretty like burgundy. This burgundy is a medium. I've got this one slinky the solid Red high Miss Andrea I've got the purple tie dye.

We've got this awesome gray with the White stripes and the White Belt. This really pretty. Color I've got this cute plaid one and this one is actually slinky as well. We've got this purple geometric and this one has the purple belt and a solid cobalt blue. I also have these are gorgeous these are gorgeous. This is a gorgeous slinky medium look at this. These are so hard to show right out of the package. It's black with these gorgeous gorgeous blue florals K.

What are you still drying? It is so pretty Mora. I hope that your ribs get feeling better. Oh, that's the worst. I love you my friend. By Michelles extra larges, I have Deep Down - Margaret Urlich - Safety In Numbers purple tie dye and this awesome black and White. This one is also slinky without cross hatching. They're brand spanking new Helen hi friend.

These ones are actually pretty true to size because they are a true wrap dress. Style as far as sizing goes, I'm gonna pull up what they have for the size chart just so I make sure that I'm giving The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight exactly the right information. I just wanna make sure I'm pretty sure that I know but I wanna make sure I got it right. What what what? What do The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight see okay, let's hold on.

Can I use this for a second? I know you know what if you want to can you go upstairs and get some wipes and then The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight can wipe that off. We go so size chart for the Michelle Okay.

This is the official size chart so extra extra small is gonna be a zero to a double zero extra small. Two to four small is 60. Eight medium is largestextra large or I also have I'm dying. There's a solid White you guys.

This is like unicorn to find anything, especially the dresses in solid White anytime I see solid White. I have to collect it for myself because you never see it and then I've got this one in the extra large that I'm obsessed with so so pretty it's slinky. Helen We'll grab the largest for you too. This is Slinky you guys and is this really cool.

Okay, so those are my extra bridges. I'm gonna do the two X and three X and then we'll come back to the those largest for you. I have these ones in the twoX solid cobalt blue. We have a slate blue. I've got that great I. One the gray with the White stripes and then that White belts so cute and I have a purple tie dye into X and then I also got in this one that I freaking love.

I do I have this on. I need to put this on a hanger so you guys can see this a little bit better so good so good. Look at this. This is a two X. I had this one in a Yellow Roses - Hank Snow - The Success Story Of Hank Snow X as well.

It's just like burgundy and gray and ivory stop. And then it's got that really cool kind of detail that goes throughout it. That's a two X and it's freaking gorgeous and then I have this one actually I had this one on the rock. I'm here to show you this one. I have in the two X this Navy blue with the burgundy and cream florals. I love this one.

This is like that cottony material and then I have this one that like burgundy wine color in the two X as well. The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight Three X I've got this one that's freaking insane.

This one is slinky. Come here. I know Kaleena so so good and then I've got this one. This lack with the pink purple and blue and it's dry. So that is Lord Auch - To The Shithouse three. And I've got you guys, Mom life mom life and then Aim & Fire - Sick Notes* - The Virus got this gorgeous.

It's got tissue on it, tissue paper. I've got a. Cobalt blue We have this darling polka dots and this one has a black belt. I know Kalena they're so stinking good. Those are my three exits so Crystal let me know which three X is you want, okay friends the black with a The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight floral. Oh, my gosh isn't that one gorgeous I'm obsessed with that one.

It is so so pretty okay. Crystal your name is going on that one I cannot wait by the To get your amazing Latinas, you got some really cute ones. Yes, What is it my darling? You're making balloons good job.

Helen let me grab the largest for you and then let me know what other things you guys wanna see. You what. I think there's another one of those upstairs. I've got a Navy blue with a blue polka dots in large miss Helen and I also have. You're drying, I have this one in the large, okay I can help you draw in just a minute. I love. Oh my gosh Helen. This is Slinky look. It's this gorgeous Brown and then it goes down. It's an The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight on the bottom to black.

It's so good. I will totally grab those for you. Oh, that's okay does can stay there? Okay And then I have this one in The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight large this fabulous one that I showed in the threeX that This one.

This one I have in a size large and I also have oh wait, I have another medium Leticia. I also have I just saw this. I have that gorgeous mustard like Golden Rod color in the medium as well.

Let me know if you want that one friend and then I have this one in the large. This is also slinky that gorgeous like deep burgundy with a pink polka dots. So in the extra large, let me grab the extra large. I have these two extra large. I've got this black and White just Super classy. I love the cross hatching on it. This one is Slinky. I've got the purple tie dye in extra large and then I have this one. This really cool black and White vertical stripe. This one is so flattering on too.

Oh also have you guys. Oh my goodness you guys. It's gonna be so good hell and Loaded Gun - Rev Theory - Justice also have solid White in extra large and I've got this gorgeous slate blue Okay.

Those are all extra larges.


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  2. Dec 19,  · Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Hold tight Hold tight, count to three Gotta stay close by me And hold tight, sing and shout Just ride my round-about And hold tight.
  3. 7" Single on 45cat: The Blue Dots - Please Don't Tell 'Em / Saturday Night Fish Fry - Ace - USA - this is the Atlanta group also known as Eddie Harris and The Blue Dots but (I think) without Harris. The Blue Dots - Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight - DeLuxe - USA ().
  4. Blue Dots discography, Discographie des Blue Dots. Groupe Doo Wop US originaire de Georgie, les Blue Dots ont enregistré pour Deluxe (54), Ace (57) et Hurricane Records (59). US Doo Let Me Know Tonight / Hold Me Tight: SP ACE (US) Please Don't Tell Em / Saturday Night Fish Fry:
  5. Yes, this one to do pull this one out for me there This one, erin, I don't know how I have this like this is legit and amazing neutral. Color um amazing extra large Red with the blue dots again, please yeah sure daisy okay by this one right here Red with blue dots and they're not I say dots, but it's more like hey amanda it's okay.
  6. Dec 14,  · If you can do a small, I mean come on. Oh you wanna put these pants on. You go for a girl I do have in a size small. I have a solid gray like a Heather gray you you can. yeah, that's fine. I have a solid gray and I've got a black and White polka dot and I've got a blue Navy blue and White too. So let me know if you wanna see those indie.akikuscofymdagdathis.infoinfos:
  7. Carly Extra large Carly Solid Black car is Jessie Hold on. It's a Carly Solid Black Carly size extra large so blows up these are one size. Okay. Just let me know. The show some Carolines alright, Caroline's, black and White who is still here You guys hang with me hang tight until the next station, Three XL Black and White Caroline XL Three XL.

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