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Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight

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And we still kind of believe him. July 6, : Just three days later, Smith denies it again on Absolute Radio. I would have loved to have done it. But definitely not. He looks away, shamefaced. You can see the moment below. We should have known. We should have known! Good work. September 3, : Five days ago. How do you lie to Jo Whiley? If you encounter a Sam Smith in your local area, your best chance of survival is to run or hide, and tell the police. Blanche Blackwell, who has died agedwas a divorcee in her 40s when in she met Ian Fleming, her neighbour in Jamaica and the creator of James Bond; and soon they became lovers.

It was in this Spartan retreat that Fleming immersed himself in a Bond-like life of tropical oblivion fuelled by vodka and cigarettes likeFleming smoked 70 a day.

Impishly, he included sketches of his friends and enemies in his fiction. Blackwell was supposedly a model for Pussy Galore, the trapeze artist turned leader of a team of lesbian cat burglars who passes herself off as an air stewardess in his novel Goldfinger ; for the film, she is a pilot and martial arts expert. In Dr Nothe guano-collecting ship was named the Blanche. According to a police spokesman, Mr. Shaw became ill while driving with his third wife, Virginia, and their month-old son, Thomas, near the family's home in Tourmakeady, County Mayo.

Shaw reportedly stopped the car, got out and died on the roadside. Shaw first achieved movie prominence in as the sinister assassin with granite physique and short platinum haircut who stalked Sean Connery's James Bond in " From Russia With Love.

He was also nominated to the 24th Golden Globe Awards for the same role. She has mildly criticized Timothy Dalton's performance as being almost ''too serious. Sean Connery was magnificent in the role; he added a sardonic, cynical amusement to the character that sold to audiences around the world, but this was not necessarily a trait Sede De Poder - Corrosão Caótica - Corrosão Caótica the literary Bond.

George Lazenby merely attempted to emulate Connery's performance and failed. Roger Moore, who publicly admitted ignoring the Fleming books, made the character his own by turning Bond into a superficially charming international playboy who uses one-liners and a raised eyebrow to escape dangerous situations.

Timothy Dalton, on the other hand, has gone back to Fleming and has attempted and in my opinion, succeeded very well in creating the author's Bond - a real flesh-and-blood man who has doubts and feelings. James Bond is not a superman; he detests killing and does it because it's his job; he is not ''witty'' and ''dapper'' as the films have so often portrayed him; he is somber and reflective, basically cold-hearted, ruthless, and he takes his job very seriously.

When it comes to food and drink, he is a gourmand Still Wanna Be Your Man - Dan Patlansky - Introvertigo he simply appreciates what he likes; because Unspirited - Guided By Voices - Isolation Drills must usually ''dine alone,'' he insists on his meals and drinks prepared a specific way.

Dalton is presenting to us the most accurate interpretation of the literary character we've ever seen on screen. As for the new film's treatment of Bond's womanizing he only sleeps with one woman in this onethis was a conscious decision on the film makers' Sonic Lament - Thee Hypnotics - Come Down Heavy as a response to the current AIDS crisis.

It just wouldn't do to have Bond hop from bed to bed in this day and age, even if it is a bit out Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight character. I feel that '' The Living Daylights '' is the most mature and most ''adult'' Bond film since the 60's. John was a highly respected and admired member of the Bond family and he will be great missed. Our thoughts at this time are with his family. August 10th Martin Benson is born--London, England.

He dies 28 February at age Markyate, Hetfordshire, England. With jet-black hair, dark colouring and pronounced eyebrows on a thin face, he never seemed properly dressed without a tuxedo. As well as remaining furiously busy during six decades as an actor, he pursued several artistic disciplines.

Born into a Jewish family in London, he seemed briefly destined to become a pharmacist. As a gunner in the army during the seond world war, he organised entertainment for the troops, and produced a tour of Gaslight in aid of a fund to replace HMS Dorsetshire.

Byhe had been promoted to captain and was Infinite Abysses (Crowd Panic Mix) - Various - One Year to Alexandria, Egypt, where he built a theatre from scratch, assisted by his sergeant-major, another aspiring actor — Arthur Lowe. Among Benson's earliest screen roles was an unbilled part for Alfred Hitchcock in Under Capricorn Benson played the part again opposite Yul Brynner in the Hollywood film version in He also played the King himself in Februarywhen Lom was ill.

Benson later asserted that "despite the reputation which Yul Brynner continues to enjoy, the more intelligent as well as intelligible performance came from Herbert Lom, notwithstanding a good deal less swagger". Back in Britain and in modestly budgeted monochrome thrillers, he Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight on characteristic form in Soho Incident as a "big boss" running crooked Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight and horse-racing schemes.

Venturing into television, Benson was among a repertory company of actors in the half-hour anthology Douglas Fairbanks Presentsaimed at US television, shown in Britain as cinema shorts and as schedule-fillers in ITV's early days. Benson also worked on the scripts, where as many foreign settings were included as possible. Another rep company member was Christopher Lee, who called it a valuable training Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight.

He and Benson made up a comic double act for one segment, The Death of Michael Turbinas slow-witted east Europeans. He was a regular, as the villainous Duke de Medici, in Sword of Freedom After a role Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight Cleopatrahe was an American gangster coerced into taking a doomed car ride with the henchman Oddjob, in Goldfinger Rash innkeeper I tre nemic as Prof.

That's not to mention his induction into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame. Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight Texas-born entertainer and businessman, who began his recording career in the s, scored a No. The s were the down-home entertainer's heyday. The show also regularly featured Dean's humorous banter with a "dog" named Rowlf, the first of Jim String Quartet No.

14 In G Major, Spring, K. 387 - Mozart* - Quatuor Cambini-Paris* - The 6 String Muppets to attract national attention. Live or Let Die? Benson planned the secret missions, scoped out the death traps, plumbed the dark hearts of 's enemies from through Bond went where Benson willed, did as Benson wished, took lives or spared them as Benson saw fit.

Such is the power of a James Bond novelist. Benson, who lives in the Chicago suburbs, was only the fourth man -- and the first American -- to write a series of Bond novels since Britain's Ian Fleming created the character.

Benson has left the series to write his own novels, and no new Bond novelist has been named. After five decades and 35 original Bond books not counting movie novelizations that have sold nearly million copies in all, where do the Bond books go from here?

Whoever writes the Bond novels "is going to be in the hot seat," Benson said in a telephone interview. Another is the small number of people in the Bond Novelists Club. Fleming wrote 14 Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight before he died in at age There was a one-shot Bond novel by Kingsley Amis.

It was more than a decade after that when Fleming's heirs authorized another British novelist, John Gardner, to write a new Bond series, and Gardner did 14 novels. Then came Benson and six more original Bonds.

Benson said he had no idea who might be in line to be the next Bond novelist or in what direction the books might go. The novelists typically have set the books in the present day, whenever that might be -- the '60s through the '90s -- but Benson's Un Baiser De Toi - Various - Boulevard Des Années 60 is that the novels "stay in the Cold War.

I'd like to see Bond frozen in time. And My Time - Warrior Soul - Drugs, God And The New Republic one should expect that, says Los Angeles writer-producer John Cork, co-author of " James Bond: The Legacy ," a coffee-table book published last year. Fleming -- ex-reporter, ex-British Naval Intelligence officer, world traveler, unabashed womanizer -- started it all with a slim, grim novel called " Casino Royale.

Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight wrote the book in about six weeks at his Jamaican retreat, Goldeneye, then casually offered "this miserable piece of work.

It sold. Fleming kept going back, year after year, to his main character, James Bond,licensed to kill in the name of Her Majesty the Queen. Bond was Fleming's "dream self," a Fleming biographer said. Bond shared Fleming's tastes, smoked Fleming's cigarettes 70 a day for both agent and author.

The Bond movies always kept Fleming's titles -- those titles were gold. But ever since Fleming's heirs resurrected the Bond novels inthe books and the films have run on separate tracks. None of the 20 "modern" Bond Hold My Body Tight - Amber - This Is Your Night by Benson or Gardner has been made into a film; all of Fleming's were.

Partly because of that, none of the new novels has enjoyed a fraction of the fame Fleming's work has. Gardner's first Bond novel, restarting the series inupdated the politics by abolishing the Double-O branch of the Secret Service -- the spies licensed to kill -- except for Bond, who stayed on as a global "troubleshooter.

City College. Yet I am proud of my work on the Bonds and believe that the books did the job. Communism was a worldwide threat. Today it's different. I feel as if I've become a glorified policeman. There must be a better way to die. Then he would submit a detailed outline to Glidrose Publications, which holds the Bond copyrights: "I never had one rejected.

Benson's travel phase might take one to four weeks. The actual writing might take four to five months, Benson said. Then editing by the publishers and the Fleming interests. Bond essentially was a full-time job, he said. And the reaction from readers? The hard-core Bond fans, the Internet fans, were the loudest voices Benson heard. They're so opinionated. The new Bond books also are competing with the very similar, but very different, new Bond movies, Cork noted.

One solution, he said, could be along the lines of Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight suggestion -- to permanently put the literary Bond in a Cold War setting. The books' future seems wide open. There's no announced heir to the Fleming throne -- Fleming's family has announced no successor to Benson. Representatives of Ian Fleming Publications couldn't Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight reached for comment.

Cork said his impression Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight that in this 50th-anniversary year, they preferred to put the focus back on Fleming's novels, which are being reissued as trade paperbacks with s-style pulp-art covers. Gardner, who has written more Bond books than any other living man, thinks the bell has tolled for the Bond novels. Don't "play games" with Cold War flashbacks, he said -- the new novels "should end now.

In that case, Gardner said, "I pray that they find a Brit who is a professional novelist with a track record. And the films, alas, seem to have gone down the road to Dumbville. Children 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Age at check in:.

Child 1: -? Save more with Secret Prices Unlock now. Find out more. Storm Warriors Space Dream. The son of a peasant family, Zhang Tiancong Liu Zhibing is a veteran member of the first generation of Chinese astronauts.

Bingo Leung, an advertising executive, has always lived a carefree life that includes guarding her turf in the office, dating, and gossiping with her three girlfriends. Jasmine Women. Starring Zhang Ziyi House of Flying DaggersJoan Chen and Jiang Wen, Jasmine Women tells the story of one family's struggle to overcome its tragic history, as each daughter repeats the Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight of her mother.

Piano in a Factory. A man goes to unusual lengths to prove his love for his daughter in this family drama. Mark your calendars Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight Newer Post Older Post. She became the chief selling point of the movie, even though her role was not as sizeable or as primary as Peters'.

The film, Niagrawas about a honeymooning couple, Peters and Max Showalter, who come to rest at a motel run by Joseph Cotten and his sultry young wife Monroe. Monroe who I personally don't think was ever quite as sexy or as Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight anywhere else than she is herebrazenly taunts Cotten and is carrying on with a dark-haired stranger.

As the story progresses, Peters is intrigued by the goings on she has witnessed and ultimately is placed in considerable danger with a small yacht she's in being broken up by rocks and headed over the falls! It's a film noir type of story, but shot in vivid Technicolor. Monroe whose stock actor salary here was less than that of her own makeup man! She also plays an endearing, every day sort of character who curious audiences can identify with as she undergoes her adventure at the falls. A more true-to-form film noir came next with Pickup on South Street.

The story concerns a pickpocket Richard Widmark who nabs a purse that happens to contain some vital microfilm that was intended for a Communist agent. Gritty director Sam Fuller was preparing the film and having a tough time coming up with an actress to play the female lead, a down-on-her-luck prostitute whose stolen Loving Me 4 Me - Christina Aguilera - Stripped leads to immense complications.

Betty Grable went on suspension rather that to Changed By Love - Various - The Day America Cried - Songs Of Hope For A Unified Nation the part.

One day while lunching in the studio commissary, he spied Peters and, feeling like her walk was slightly reminiscent of hookers he'd seen before! As was often the case, she rose to the occasion, her character being used, pummeled and generally abused by life while trying to find security in the wayward Widmark. The film has since become one of the most admired examples of its genre. Good because she added immeasurably to its success, but bad because she basically stole the movie and even copped an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress losing to Donna Reed for From Here to Eternity.

She got a great part in a brief, minor thriller called Blueprint for Murder. In it, she played the wife of a wealthy man whose will states that she will inherit his money only after he and both his children have died. He expires under fuzzy circumstances and then one of her stepchildren dies as well. That makes her an obvious suspect for murder and the dead husband's brother Joseph Cotten comes along to help figure it all out.

I love this hooty publicity photo of Cotten and Peters struggling over the telephone. She landed the title role though not actually the lead in 's Vickia remake of 's I Wake Up Screamingthat had Jeanne Crain playing the sister of a slain singer and model Peters who had managed to aggravate several people around her prior to her brutal murder.

Fantastic Place - Marillion - Vredenburg Muziekcentrum Utrecht,Netherlands,3 December 2005 more than a little to Laura as well, the film was not a major one, but gave Peters a chance to play a mouthy Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight in attractive clothes.

She also got to work alongside Crain, who by now had become one of her very closest friends at Fox. In what was meant to be Crain's next film, Peters was once again cast as a replacement when Crain departed the studio after nearly two-dozen movies, eager to expand her range. The picture Three Coins in the Fountain would be a staggering hit, spawning a smash title song by Frank Sinatra and inspiring countless people to head to Rome, where much of it was filmed.

One can see why Crain was unexcited about it, however, because the role she vacated was not in any way special. The story one of many similar ones that director Jean Negulesco did during his career concerned three ladies living in Rome and finding romance and, at times, heartache there. Dorothy McGuire had been carrying a fifteen year-long torch for her boss Clifton Webb! Peters knew that her flimsy role was substandard, but with location filming amidst all sorts of historic and beautiful scenery and with handsome Brazzi as her love interest, how bad could it be?

She was loaned to another studio for the first time incast incongruously as an Indian squaw in Apache. The only thing that helped diffuse the ridiculousness of this although it was a common practice at the time to cast Caucasians in non-white roles is the fact that the star, blue-eyed Burt Lancaster, was also playing an Indian an Apache, as the title indicates.

Despite the now-strange sight of having an actress in a dark wig and makeup in order to play a Native American, her beauty remains and her eyes stand out even more vividly as a result.

Back home at Fox that same year, she was in another western, but this time as a white woman. She played the daughter of governor E. Tracy, playing a highly-established rancher, was the father of Widmark, Wagner, Hugh O'Brian and Earl Holliman, who is disappointed when a couple of his sons are involved in illegal activity. The widescreen production had Peters taking on the role of Wagner's love interest and there were rumors at the time of an affair between the two, but they appear to be unfounded.

Even Wagner, who claimed to have slept with practically everyone — everyone he didn't out as gay — in his autobiography, denied any such affair with her. InPeters filmed the movie that would be her last on the big screen. A Man Called Peter was the story of an Episcopal minister whose sermons proved inspiring to countless congregations, both in and outside of his church. Based on a book written by the man's wife, Peters played the woman in the beautifully-appointed widescreen production.

Here we take a moment to step away her career, even though we are close to the time at which it virtually ended, and turn the focus to her private life.

After her costarring role in Captain from Castille inshe had caught the eye of millionaire playboy Howard Hughes. Hughes, an aviation magnate and entrepreneur who also Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight planes and dabbled in film Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnightwas a dynamic and magnetic man who very few women could resist, especially if he set his sites on them. He'd once been a handsome young man see leftbut in the wake of a plane crash, had begun a slow decline in physical and mental health.

Married once for four years in the s he was two decades Peters' seniorhe had engaged in multitudinous affairs with many Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight girls in the meantime. Starlet Terry Moore claims to have been married to him from on, but the union is unrecognized legally, believed to be a ruse he used at the time in order to acquire the Morman for himself, temporarily.

At any rate, he soon became fixated with Miss Peters and the two began dating. Even though she was making her own way at 20th Century Fox, he set her and her mother up in a Bel Air house. Both of them generally private people, she resisted all attempts to have their relationship exploited by the press, the studio or anyone else. Always a complicated, complex man, he was more Tina Cousins - Pretty Young Thing / All You Need Is Love a little controlling and possessive despite his own leanings toward infidelity.

Their relationship continued for many years, all through her acting career, but he would never marry her. Tiring of this situation, she once issued him an ultimatum, which he refused to give in to, and married another man. Stuart Cramer was a Texas oil man she met after filming Three Coins and her whirlwind courtship and subsequent marriage to him drove Hughes to distraction.

Reportedly, his interference and pressure regarding it led to the couple's separation after only about a month as man and wife. They did eventually reconcile for a time, but the writing was on the wall. Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight her divorce from Cramer, which was in lateHughes finally relented with regards to marrying her, but it was on condition that she abandon her acting career.

She, after years of struggling with unwanted parts at Fox and having been suspended many times for her refusal of a lot of others, was only too happy Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight walk away from her career and become Mrs. Howard Hughes. Hughes was a billionaire at a time when even being a millionaire really meant something. They were wed in January of and she receded into the private world of one of the planet's wealthiest, most powerful and most reclusive men.

As the years wore on and Hughes slipped further and further into a state of germ-phobia and seclusion, their marriage became one of long distance conversation and infrequent time together. She attempted to take additional college classes as a means of self-improvement a nd to occupy herself, but once her real name Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight discovered and the hounds began to circle, she was forced to withdraw. She even toyed briefly with returning to Fox in for The Best of Everything in the role Martha Hyer eventually essayedbut did not.

She did various works of Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnightas unpublicized as possible she's shown at left in a rare shot with an autistic boy.

Hughes' undercover guards were always in evidence this was in place well before their marriage even. Though she enjoyed shopping and attending functions of the arts and, as always, baseballthe union was not fulfilling for obvious reasons. Finally, byshe had had it and the couple divorced. Still, this was a Talk To Me - Mechanical Pressure - Voice Machines LP chunk of change for that time.

She agreed to waive any claim to Hughes' enormous estate. Seemingly unable to completely shake the specter of 20th Century Fox, she became reacquainted with a man she'd known as an assistant Sonic Lament - Thee Hypnotics - Come Down Heavy during her time there, Stanley Hough, who had since risen to the title of vice-president in charge of operations.

They married in and remained together until his death in Inhe left the studio and began working as a film and mostly television producer. Strangely enough, this was also the year that Peters made a return to acting after a nearly two decade-long absence.

She took a role in the TV-movie I Feel Good - Mighty Sam McClain - Give It Up To Love, Ohiobased on a famous collection of short stories about life in her home state during the 19th century. Albert Salmi was her husband in the teleplay and real-life brothers Joseph and Timothy Bottoms played Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight sons.

Her initial enthusiasm about the piece waned after she saw it on TV. She was coaxed into another role by old acquaintance Ross Hunter, who was producing the star-laden miniseries Arthur Hailey's The Moneychangers.

She played the estranged wife of Christopher Plummer, who she admired greatly, and was pleased to be working with him in the cameo role. Hunter, aware of her place in the Hollywood canon, gave her prestige billing in the eight-hour project's opening credits.

It was before she acted on-screen again, this time in her husband's TV-movie Peter and Paul. She portrayed Priscilla, one of Paul's devoted followers. Peters last set foot before the cameras in when she made what was by then a virtually mandatory appearance for old stars on Angela Lansbury's Murder, She Wrote. She played, stretch that it was, a reclusive star caught up in a murder and a disappearing diamond-studded tiara.

Get it? As in Cagney and Lacey. Oh, brother Peters continued to enjoy married life until Hough's passing inall the while contributing time and money to charitable causes that interested her, a chief one being autism. Autism at the time was not as familiar as it seems to be now and she did much to raise awareness about it. Of her life with Howard Hughes, she stood by her pact to never discuss it publically. Howard Hughes, but all of them have have immense difficulty in finding anyone who worked with her who would say anything unkind about her.

She was liked and respected by her costars and beloved by crew members who worked on her pictures. Yes, she tangled with her boss over the roles he wished to assign to her, yet he kept her around and was distressed when she quit. The same mountain air that preserves the beauty of the valley also preserves the flesh of the citizens there. During a tour of the extensive grounds with Gielgud sporting what appears to be Bette Davis's cap from the Oscar ceremony, upholstered with dark red fabricFinch comes upon Ullmann and discovers that she is the schoolteacher.

She presides over a passel of children of varied ages in a bamboo and rattan shelter with a chalkboard. Without prompting or warning! It is not only lumbering, but cumbersome, so I coined that word in order to save time! Ullmann leads her pack of young'ns who seem to multiply before our eyes up a winding path, hysterically swaying her arms back and forth as if her costume was still wet when she put it Aftershock - DJ Dazzle - Freedom 2: A Celebration Of Life and she's hopelessly attempting to air dry it!!

Having given up on any sort of recognizable rhythm, they finally toss themselves down the side of a hill and roll to a stop. The same thing is happening here. A very high and fast string accompaniment can be heard and Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight can just picture the exasperated violists breathlessly trying to saw their way through it.

Sometimes, for fun, I pretend to be fiddling away myself, though I know longer attempt this with the CD in the car for reasons which will remain my own There's hardly time to recover from this when we are confronted with The Festival of the Family.

The guests assemble with York off to the side on his own as a procession of celebrants you'll find as you watch Lost Horizon that processions are really big in Shangri-La meander through the outdoor pathways of the lamasery, carrying a pallet Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight a daddy, a mommy and a baby actually just a bundle, thank God, since it is passed around like Christmas fruitcake that nobody wants! Scantily-clad gentlemen at least one of which looks like anyone's worst idea of a '70s porn star in front of the couple swing brass balls filled with incense back and forth.

If you guess that this is sometimes done out of sync with one another, then you are very much in tune with the general feel of this movie!

It gets worse as jingle singers, whose voices bear no relation whatsoever to the folks lip-synching on screen begin chiming in. When you watch this song unfold, you will say to yourself that the female chorus has sung as high as they are going to and that they cannot and will not proceed to squeal even higher, but they can and they do The couple gets to sing a little bit of the song before winding up in tableau as it stops.

For decades, that is all most of the world ever got to see Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight the festival, but now Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight to the uncut DVD, we can now see the subsequent dance number that was laughed off the preview movie screens in and hastily snipped out of the general release.

Bursting forth from seemingly everywhere, a Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight of red-orange loincloth-wearing male dancers, wielding rhythmic gymnastic streamers on sticks, fling themselves across the screen in a flurry of thigh-baring, leg extending choreography. Mame Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight she was so damned special down at Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside's plantation Peckerwood, with all the red-coated horseman galloping about.

She's got nothing on Olivia Hussey, who is the sole female involved in this ritual. Sporting an elaborately-braided hairdo, she twirls and twizzles around with the men surrounding her and picking her up.

After they've hoisted her up and spun her around a bit, several of them hot-foot it over to the other side of the pavilion to join some others and start with the fabric, but in the meantime we're treated to a rooftop scene in which three nearly Symphony Of Smiles - Nocturnal Hustlers - Til Sunrise men demonstrate over and over why they are amongst the most popular of the lamasery residents.

In truth, the visual splendor is quite impressive, the saturated streamers forming shapes in the air, all set against the burnished stone walls of the lamasery.

It's just fun to pick at the much-maligned spectacle, the type of dance insert that was, for years, the duty of chiffon and bead-covered chorus girls to convey. Let's hear it, at least, for the progressive side of Shangri-La in getting the men shucked down and out on the dance floor!

Kennedy, an engineer by trade goes wading into one of the streams of the village and sees gold in the Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight of it. He also takes note of the fact that things could be made a bit easier there with his help. Though the lamasery has countless books of the world, no one there has ever come up with a better way of irrigating their rice paddies than making the heftier and hardier women of the land cart buckets of water uphill!

Paradise indeed. Even in paradise, the blonde girl gets to waft around in silk, satin and chiffon while the grunts work like slaves in the mud! Hussey also gets to enjoy the good Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) (Album Version) - Mint Condition - Breakin My Heart (Pretty B why, because she's such an amazing dancer?

Finch finally gets up the gumption to take Ullmann on a date of sorts. They picnic by a lush waterfall and lake. Their singing voices are provided by ghost vocalists.

This being Utopia, she is able to plunk down into nearby mist-ridden grass in her snow white pantsuit and not have a single mark on them when she gets up. Kellerman, who is blossoming under the sun of Shangri-La and amidst its simple pleasures, King Of Rock (Party Mix) - Turntable Terror - King Of Rock up with Hussey in the library.

Hussey feels exactly the opposite of Kellerman and longs drop her paintbrushes and depart the valley for the excitement, noise and crowds of the big city. It's a cleverly conceived number with counterpoint lyrics and vocals that perfectly capture the mindsets of the ladies, but the delivery is something else again. Kellerman has the unfortunate vocal attribute of never quite making it all the way onto her higher notes, singing if that is the right word right under the notes and without any sort of breath support.

Hussey fares better on that score solely because she was dubbed here and everywhere by a professional singer. The ludicrous choreography has them continuously, repeatedly dusting off the library tables with their behinds as they spin and slide across them awkwardly. Someone should have pointed out that there is no need for a dance break when both people performing the number really Liszt* - Claudio Arrau, Nikita Magaloff - The Complete Etudes dancers.

Here, the break serves mostly as underscoring for them to trot down a sizeable spiral staircase. Characteristic of the Cielito Lindo - The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Never On Sunday of the number is the fact that both ladies, while back-to-back, turn and look into the camera, which is strange to say the least.

However, later in the song, they hunker down under one of the tables and pop their heads up to face the camera again. This time, though, Hussey looks straight into the camera while Kellerman gazes off somewhere to her left instead! She was probably looking for her agent.

York, who has been a sour apple all along and has managed to fall in love with Hussey, wants to leave Shangri-La as soon as possible. His character is annoying for almost every moment of his screen time, but gets increasingly so as he pressures Finch about getting out of this Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight.

Finch is then given the rarest of opportunities. Gielgud fetches him and takes him to meet the High Lama, a wizened old man who seems to sit alone in a darkened room with a single candle, pondering life. He's played by former screen idol Charles Boyer. It is him in character as the Lama. He relays the history of Shangri-La to Finch, explaining its mysterious attributes and its ultimate goal.

He also makes it known to Finch that he is not long for this world and when he goes he Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight Finch to take his place. You sit and wait for someone who's trying to sleep to stick his head out the window and holler for him to knock it off. The only person who stirs, of course, is Ullmann. A shot of the married couple from The Feast of the Family kissing under the flowing water was cut for some reason.

Kennedy then takes Kellerman to see the lode of gold he's discovered in the bottom of a creek, but she'll have none of it. Unable to escape any sort of strange setting for her numbers, this time instead of sprawling around on a library table, she's forced to hop Shangri-La - Vera Sanford - Ten Minutes To Midnight and recline upon a couple of large rocks!

Finch comes to Ullmann's school and whisks her away for an afternoon of romantic cooing and wooing. In her place, Van takes over the day's lesson plan. Then Van responds with questions that are never answered! What's the year that Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run? What's the reason London Bridge is always falling down? Those were all about Greta Garbo and Don Ameche!! As if these children had ever seen a movie?! Even the final lyrics refer to The Good Ship Lollipop and I would like to know what good it is to be in paradise when all you can do it read about Shirley Temple rather than ever seeing her?!

During this insane number, which also features multiple quick-fire dance steps by a white buck-wearing Natassja In Eternal Sleep - Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon, something becomes very clear. That is the fact that even though Shangri-La has no guns and no bombs, there is nevertheless a violent attack performed on listeners.

The Bacharach-David songs seem to never end!


Bilrost - Scald - Will Of The Gods Is Great Power, Vagabond From Heaven - Stephen Bishop - An Introduction To Stephen Bishop, Persian Song Persikon Yeleyeleli. Third Plagal Mode - Christodoulos Halaris* - Byzantine - Secular, Components (Radio Mix) - F.A.C.E. - Components, Rescue Boat - Paperplain - Entering Pale Town, Money - Lee Clayton - Another Night, New Machine I - Pink Floyd - Live In Australia, Sede De Poder - Corrosão Caótica - Corrosão Caótica, Cielito Lindo - The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Never On Sunday, Forty Shades Of Green - Jim MacLeod - Jim MacLeods Family Favourites, Frenzy - The Fugs - The Fugs Second Album, Ni Un Segundo - Soda Stereo - Soda Stereo, Its All Right - Duesenberg - 刹那

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  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Ten Minutes To Midnight on Discogs.
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