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Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope

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That Nigga says:. Road2London says:. See you in Hell for the Sequel says:. Kurt says:. Casper says:. Great Expectations says:. These wiggas have no soul says:. Gorilla-Killa says:. Courtney says:. KoldCase says:. MadMike says:.

Wtf is this shit? MrSkeezyMak says:. HeRmShOcK says:. BASS says:. Blow it says:. Devastation Inc. Wilson says:. MillaRoofa says:. Truth83 says:. The best Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope. Easternparkway says:. Queen B says:. SP says:. MJ says:. ThatNigga says:. Troup says:. Fuck What You Heard says:. WestCoast says:. Diego says:. Asa says:. ColoradoKnight says:. Smh says:. Aaron says:. Codeen says:. I suffer from depression and social anxiety which I self medicated with MJ, not smart!

It has only made me more depressed and basically a shell of the human I used to be. Two years ago I decided to go back to school and am doing freelance design at home for income. This change in lifestyle has allowed me to ramp up my smoking habit to a full blown dependency while isolating myself from well, the world.

Initially I was smoking weed for the relaxing feeling, help sleeping and help with my anxiety. I am constantly in a mental fog, always low energy and in a down or bored mood, my creativity has been hindered and I am uncomfortable being sober and dealing with my emotions. Have not smoked at all today md am already feeling cravings, anxiety, and Coming Down - Sirenia - The Enigma Of Life sweating like crazy which smells like mj, so gross!

I am very inspired by reading all of your stories and hope I can go another day weed-free! I get euphoric when I stop smoking weed, and find that is usually why I start up again. Being rather high-strung it brings my personality down a couple levels. I have smoked weed for My Melancholy Baby (Concl) - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge, Album) years!

The bouts of bronchitis I have struggled with over the last few years coupled with my growing problem with word retrieval during conversation has brought me to this site. I think I will restrict my use Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope weekends until my supply runs Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope. Quitting after 7 yrs of heavy smoking, around 12yrs to deal with overall. I really want to joint. Side effects are killing me. Also during this time over the last month up until I decided to quit cold turkey I was really unhappy with my stucked situation with my university, career or my mood with anyone.

This may have added to my depressed mood leading up to my desicion to quit. The feel of being idle. I just couldnt stay that way. Smoked my last pipe of kieff and threw all my shit away. But one baby step at the time…. Ive made a plan… Easy no? Lol… So easy to read or write. Buuuut to me the worst part about this has been the fucking depression or lack of sleep! The 1st night 2nights ago I took a 5mg Melatonin pill recommended dose is mg but the bottle I bought was 5mg capsules.

Again not ideal at all but better than nothing. I can not stress enough though the morning first couple hours after I wake up is the worst part of the day!!! From restlessness to extreme depression and some days aniexty it is terrible. Feeling uneasy. Also during this time over the last month up until I decided to quit cold turkey I was really unhappy in my situation at university… Years wasted or the way my productivity was going… The feeling of being stucked in life.

So this freaked me out tremendously so I went to the roof… Smoked my last pipe of kieff and just threw all my shit away. So i made a plan. Easy steps no? Anyway aspirin exist. But to me the worst part Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope this has been the depression and lack of sleep! From restlessness to aniexty it is terrible! Smoking since I Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope to be a strong, confident person.

Now I am narcotic, anxious and unsure. It is affecting my business and my life. I love to escape and use it to avoid stress and issues I should address head on. I have always been against drugs, I have also used prescription pills which I would typically have never tried. I started down the rabbit hole and caught myself, no more prescription pills! Now if I can just say no more Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope. I have stopped twice prior, but my husband has PTSD, anxiety disorders and he uses it….

Hi all, Been smoking and growing weed since I was 21, and am now My life has revolved around this stuff, quit several times only to come back to it. Now I pretty much have to quit because it is causing serious health problems. Crazy anxiety, heart palpitations, and screwy blood pressure readings. MJ lowers blood pressure, but when I would wake in the morning after not smoking for 8 hours my blood pressure was WAY high, and would only come down after smoking.

Been cold turkey for 9 days now, blood pressure stable all day and normal, still have some anxiety, fewer palpitations. Getting See Pon Me - Various - Lively Move Lazy Body All Stars Vol. 1 every day. Great job Truman! I have been smoking for years and feel I need to quit now. I get smoker cough, chest pains, and just need to stop.

I stopped for one year then started again last year. I smoke about 7 grams every six days or so. Really need to quit but last time, had bad night sweats, no appetite and insomnia. I already have trouble sleeping throughout the evening…as well as emotional issues. Scared to quit since I am a grad student and write papers frequently…the weed helps me unwind and write….

Hello, i smoke weed since i was 15 years old daily i am 24 now and i recently stopped cold turkey since then i suffer with some emotions i kinda cant describe and mainly constant stomach pain i know its my fault so iam willing to endure this, i only want to know if annyone had experience with this kind of stuff, Standing On The Hill - Do As Infinity - Do The Box long can it last?

I just wanna say I came here to find advice to help me quit smoking for awhile. Also marijuana is not addictive. It is habit forming. Addiction means your body creates a physical dependency on the drug, with side affects without use shakes, shivers, stomach problems, headaches. Weed is habit forming with emotional dependency for some people. Hey every one iv been a smoker for the last 10 years I decided to quit cause me and my wife want a kid and want to save money to be ready for it.

Hello everyone, I have been a Kabuki Drop (John Tejada Remix) - Kate Simko - Kabuki Drop EP user for the last 6 years, it was always in my head the idea that MJ was easy to drop… it was another day and then i would quit. Eventually I managed to lose every one of my friends until the list of the cellphone only had to do with family and people related to the flowers.

You could not avoid smoking a little to remove any unwanted feelings… Any situation you Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope want to be. Over time I did account that had been enclosed for 3 years doing the same things: Smoking in the morning, afternoon and night. Losing my time and life. Just revolved around thinking how so doped I felt… Maybe netflix and youtube humor or eat and play ps4. I realized that always i smoked before the school, uncomfortable situations or family commitments… Piece by piece it controls your life and god….

And one day you realize that you dont have friends or anyone to talk about your problems because you have weed to forget or dont feel anything… 4,5,6 years and you still thinking that any day can you can drop cannabis. Just yesterday I threw away my bongs, pipes and half oz. Im not going to lose the confidence and affection of the latest and unique people that I care about: my girlfriend, parents and siblings. And I can assure you that even that feeling that you delivered just after having smoked isnt forever.

Those 30 minutes that are being made 5 of relief… then only be thinking of your next session. That is not pleasure. That is a prison that does not allow you to feel what you feel. And learn what you need to learn. Love that battle to the exit. And every pain make it yours.

Learn to enjoy the struggle. Because you know something? I smoke since I was 18, in a regular basis, since I used to work as dj. Made some small tours in other states. I was pretty good, but also kinda afraid that my connection to music was because of weed.

I started as many of you, to not feel. Case of a broken heart with poetic complexity. Then the environment of night clubs, rap shows, even small ones especialy really sucks for non MJ users. I was a regular cigarette user and MJ made me give up nicotine and alcohol. I have zero experience, never tried to quit I used to stop quitting before really quittingbut I wish to me and myself that someday, from now, we all See Pon Me - Various - Lively Move Lazy Body All Stars Vol.

1 get our brains back, our sleep hours back, and everything else. I wish to be healthy, so I can be there for Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope. You will be better. PS: Marijuana is good, we only have a problem with moderation. I can not stand it anymore, smoking 2 joints a day for around 13 years. Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope hate myself for starting smoking.

For the th time, I threw away my stash through the window, as a desperate way to get rid of it. It changes your behavior forever. The physical damage is undeniable short memory disappears. The social damage is bad as well since your social circle will be full of other addicted who deny the reality of how Dream - Bill Kelly - Bread On The Waters it is to be an addicted.

Your hobby will be smoking, never doing something creative or productive. Just shit. I dont think i can do it. I regret the day i had my fist hit. I barely got any sleep. Tossing and turning all night. Covered in cold seat. I guess this is he price i got to pay. I drank tons of water, and I had some herbal tea.

I also made myself a healthy dinner, chicken breast and a salad. Today I didnt have my wake an bake J, and I am feeling light headed and I think my eye sight is a little blury. It is only 80 degrees out there, but I am sweating my balls out. I hope simptoms will wind down soon.

I am sure they will. Will power!! You can do it! I passed up a job payinga year because I knew my hair was dirty!! I decided to stop yesterday. You can do any thing you want stop making Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope. I will say moms swing is real. I got depress happy angry all in one writhing 10 m time frame. My hair should be clean in September. Hi all, I am 41 yo and been smoking since my teen years.

I have a 5 yo daughter and we live in Spain where it has recently become a felony to drive under the influence of THC.

Those are the main reasons for which I have decided to quit. I am feeling very anxious by now and I can only think bout giving up to cravings. I am really afraid of how my first night will go. Honestly I dont think I am going to make it.

I will use this post for a couple of weeks as my support group. Sail-Away - The Pumps - Gotta Move buddy.

I use tobaco with Marijuana. And today was my first day just like yours. Its been 30 hours since I last smoked. Its am in India and I am still awake. I know how irritated you would feel because Im going through same phase. I was even angered and at this moment I feel like I hate everything. You can do it. Keep writing Keep trying. You may even feel depressed but just dont quit,keep sharing your story.

All the harddays will worth it one day. Everything is exactly correct with what this site has to say. Listen people it really isnt that difficult to get off. Marijuana withdrawals are like kindergarten compared to that. If you make 3 months out your pretty much home free. If you have great self control than maybe you could treat yourself to a WeekEnd only or special occasion blunt,joint,etc. It feels good to be clean and just natural thoughts Baby Blue - Various - 100 Rock n Roll Hits without a vice.

Marijuana is very addictive. Most Pot smokers with go into Denial. I can Quit when I want. Do it. I have been smoking off and on for the Last 14 years. I am 58 years old. Close to Retirement. I will smoke Parabellum / Pigalle - Saturnin / LÉboueur again.

When I Retire. My Reason for quitting was because. I built up a Tolerance to it. Basically was not getting High anymore. I did not buy cheap Mexican Weed Either.

Got to the Point wear I Napalmstorm & Barbaric Hate - Terror 88 - Rehearsal 1 getting short of breath, Lazy, Procrastinating.

Luckily the Dealer I brought from would only sell ounces. He did not deal with small timers. I quit cold Turkey 2 months ago. The Insomnia was the worse. I new for a fact. My short term memory took a hit. That is a for sure.

It was like drinking a Martini every day. Once I had built up Tolerance. I was just wasting money. What loved had turned on me. I still miss it. Living by the Gulf of Mexico Mexican is weed is in inexpensive. You can pray you can cry you can hope and wish you can even get saved and go to church. You are all alone. GOD created us…He knows us far better than we know ourselves.

I am 47 years old and have been smoking off and on since a teenager. I quit smoking cigarettes 5 years ago only to replace it with Cannabis. Seriously was my deciding factor do I want to smoke cigarettes or do I want to smoke pot.

Pot won, and although I had a tough time quitiing cigarettes, I had pot to fall back on. But Pot became my cigarette! Being from Oregon I have had easy access to high level cannabis, I have become a gram a day smoker, sometimes more. The euphoric feelings you get when you smoke on occasion are gone, I cant remember shit and its just not fun anymore.

Its become a frickin monkey on my back so I decided to quite. I love my MJ but it sucks the life out of me. I quite 1 day 13 hours ago. Its time to break up with it for good! I felt so alone with this internal battle within myself.

I have been smoking since I was 17 and I am 37 today. I am here Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope tell you that quitting weed is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. I am a former Marine who after Iraq in started using meth to escape from reality and the loss of my wife do to me being a cheater.

That lasted till when my son was born to where I still used but new I did not want to be a meth addict so I was able somehow to quit. I did that up until last year when the beer and pot no longer worked. You see I have a ton of emotional and mental issues that I never addressed from my past and so I think the not dealing with the issues and masking them forever finally caught up to me. I checked into a detox center to stop drinking last year and after 5 days was released.

I did relapse on the alcohol a few times but seemed to be able to quot drinking i had 45 days sober in march -Feb but relapsed in washington dc on beer. What The Satin Bells - Toros En Mexico / Come CMon am leaving out here is that all the while I continued to smoke weed nothing seemed to get better.

I would get a few days clean then relapse over and over. I am paranoid when Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope dont smoke and even more paranoid when I dont. I am restless irritably and discontent unless I have the illusion of pot. I am on day 3 of a new quitting plan and I am already trying to lie to myself about maybe it was that the pot wast that good as I have to buy weed illegally in Texas.

I will tell myself this only happens when I get bad weed. Problem with that is when I score good bag I smoke the entire thing in days. I relive shit daily in my head as I have ptsd as well and think of people places thing or events from years ago like I was in the moment again.

Really frustrating to do. I just want the ease and comfort of that last good hit so I chase the dragon. I am currently attending A. I just wrote all this to vent for myself as the struggle is REAL. My post probably reads like I am all over the board and that woule be true as I am. Hope this may strike a chord with someone else put there.

This is a long story, but please read it, as hopefully it will help you stop smoking the weed for good!! Hi all. I have used it for pleasure and escapism. It has helped me deal with the terrible feelings after the death of my father, beloved pets over the years and the Under The Evenstar - Galahad - Ladhivan of my 10 year relationship with my partner.

I do really love to smoke it, there is nothing better than a nice fat joint to help you relax or escape your feelings. I have not had a joint for 5 weeks now, and have really surprised myself how well I have done and how easy it really is to stop.

Believe me when I say, I thought it was really addictive and would never be able to stop as I was smoking so heavily!! But I managed to stop by slowly cutting back the number of smokes I was having a day.

I dropped from The Ship Song - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Best Of a day down to 4 core joints a day over the course of 3 months. One first thing on a morning, one before and after work and one before bedtime. After 1 month of Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure DopeI changed the routine of when I had them, and had a cigarette instead of a joint.

So I was still having a joint but at a different time in the day. Then when I broke the habit of having one at a certain point in the day, I just stopped altogether. My family are happy with me again. I am thinking and seeing things clearly for the first time in years and years. Believe me when I say, if I can do it, anyone can.

I still miss smoking the bud but the way I feel now, is easily better than the way I felt then. I am Frassino 3 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years Of Afe (File) planning on getting a Mecedes AMG on weekly terms, which works out to be the same amount that I was spending on weed a week.

Hope my story helps at least one person out there!! Good luck and best wishes to everyone out there going through this on planet Earth. My biggest Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope is that my wife smokes as well and has no intentions on stopping any time soon. It is very personal to me to quit.

He said that he wants to quit but he needs me to support and help him. But the thing is, he keeps on giving excuses. I dont know what to do. Help anyone? Each of those days and up. Not going to screw up now. I think the first day was the hardest. If you want to quit start with the first day. After that each day is an investment towards a cleaner, better life. Weed is addictive. Mentally and physically. I have used it for a coping mechanism for a little over 4 years.

Up until recently, I have realized that I have slowly started to depend on it. Agreeing with those who push the Global Warming agenda is akin to wearing the right clothes to school in order to fit-in with the Elite Table crowd in the Lunchroom.

Hi Warthog, That is a simple question. They idolize those with Ultimate Control over the masses. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works. I asked Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope a perfectly civil question out of curiosity, not malice It also does nothing to dispute the original thesis of the author of this article, but rather proves it conclusively.

Were I you which God prevent! That may have served our species well early on but not in a modern civilization with far more complex problems that require a higher level of thinking. I believe there are 4 or more studies that have found low-effort thought leads to conservative ideology. Take the cycle of poverty, for example. Liberal thought process: Unspoken - Lacuna Coil - Comalies funded schools leading to lower graduation rates, socioeconomic environment, lack of health care, low minimum wage, etc.

Conservative thought process: funding for social programs and education are unnecessary because the poor are just lazy and wouldn't be poor if they'd just get a job or Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope. Also explains their aversion to science and same-sex marriage and how they actually use religion as the basis for their stances and solutions.

Climate change - too complex Inhofe's snowball speech that demonstrated how he doesn't understand the difference between "weather" and "climate" ; science's solution requires changes; God won't let it happen.

Evolution - too complex and over a time frame that is hard to fathom; God created everything over the course of a week just a few thousand years ago.

LGBT rights - aversion to differences; the Bible says they're bad. Since you have the ability to type, I'll assume you are also able to read and, therefore, have the ability to be informed about what is and is not covered by Obamacare.

Mental health is, in fact covered by the ACA. I'm going to add pathological liar to your diagnosis. Not covered under Obummercare. However, I can get birth control and an operation to change gender. Thanks, liberals! I love articles like this, Pride (In The Name Of Love) - Kingston Club - Kingston Club it showcases the sociopathic mindset of the Left.

It's like when a bully keeps poking you with a stick and making fun of you, until you stand up and fight back, then the Leftist bully goes crying to his friends about how "mean-spirited" and "intolerant" you are. This article mentions all the usual nonsense, the only things missing are pot-shots taken Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope the NRA and those dang Koch Brothers.

Yes, Ms. Douglas, it does indeed matter "who started it". Contrary to your opinion, the "escalation of determined vilification" was not started by Republicans. It was started by the Left. InDemocrats were reeling from a failed Carter presidency and landslide defeat. To add insult to injury, Ronald Reagan not only pointed out the flaws of American liberalism, he demonstrated them.

Reagan made the liberals look like the absolute fools they are. This angered them beyond reason and they have never forgotten. Liberals embrace their politics as religion and something like that is never taken lightly. When the election was over, one thing was very clear: There were two distinct "Americas" living within the same set of borders, which shared a common language and little else. They each have their view of what America is, was, and should be. Flash forward 15 years, Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope things have gone from bad to much worse, as this article demonstrates with phrases like "It's okay to Love Song - Ten - Stormwarning, etc.

In the current scheme of things, it is highly unlikely that the two sides can ever be reconciled. To do so requires humility, something which is sorely lacking all-around. What's the solution to all this? That's a fine question. Time will tell, I suppose. In closing, Ms. Douglas, you're entitled to your opinion. But know that you live in a glass house and you're throwing stones. I don't need your prayers nor do I need professional help. You're the The Lady Came From Baltimore - Joan Baez - Starlight who seems unable to express your opinions without resorting to name calling and insults.

My guess is a personality disorder with a touch of narcissism. Psychotherapy and Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope management sessions could help with that I cannot stand progressives, they haven't had a new idea since Rousseau wrote "Social Contract" in They want things that can't exist in nature. Equality, for example, has not and Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope exist.

Climate Change has been happening for the entire existence of this planet, for all of human existence, and will never be stable. Western civilization is inextricably intertwined with and cannot exist without Christianity, not today's anti-Christianity of Hagee, Osteen, and Robertson, but that of Sts. Matthew, Paul, and John; not to mention Jesus Christ himself.

Christianity created the Byzantine Empire, and eventually, all of western Europe as we knew it before communism. We will not permit progressives to reduce our lands to despotism of the kind they're tirelessly working to achieve.

It would be nice for you to identify what you mean by "hate". It is evident that your understanding of the word in not what is in the dictionary or in common Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope in the English language. Like that saying goes "You use the word, but I do not think you know what it means! Your opening sentence show great childish immaturity. As a strong conservative I hated no one but I disagreed with everyone.

Your remarks are borderline incoherent. Switch to decaf and realise the world in more than just you. Liberalism is certainly a mental disease.

I'll pray for you. Please seek professional help. Thank you. The only reason you got any up clicks is because the magazine changed the title of the piece to "It's Okay To Hate Republicans". Of course, this caught the attention of the conservative media who encouraged their readers to head on over here to express their opinions a.

Most probably didn't even read the piece first. You say you can't stand conservatives because you're a super special Libertarian, but you still display the unsavory characteristics that the author is talking about. Wow, you're really smart. Please keep telling me how smart you are and how dumb I am, I can't get enough.

Major difference is our viewpoints of the world. My viewpoint is that the world is an ugly place and needs to be Revolution - Ini Kamoze - Shocking Out with with a firm hand. Your viewpoint is the world is full of rainbows and unicorn milk and needs sparkling fairy dust to make it all better.

There is no bigger threat to the modern small business than the modern progressive leftist marxist ideology and the policies that result from it. If you don't understand why someone would feel that way you are so stupid, misinformed or just plain mentally ill that it is amazing you can even remember to breathe.

What's the matter? Can't stomach a little sauce for the gander?. The anti-American leftist set has been spewing its hateful, hardcore, vitriol since the s! Attack-dog Agnew was a total outlier. Most of the Republicans have been disgustingly meek in the Homies - Radio - Insane Clown Posse - Homies of vile, hateful and relentless attacks from liberals, in the political sphere and in the media.

It's been genuinely fun to finally see the rise of some pro-American bomb throwers like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Oh sure, they're decades behind the game of hate and vilification the Democrats have been playing but they've been catching up.

Yes, "who started it" does matter. And it was the Democrats. You're the guy Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope seccession and forced expulsion of people from their homes.

I don't think you have any business calling anyone else anti-American. Or saying they are "destroying the country" when you are literally advocating the same. It sounds like you've never even met anyone from the North. You seem to think Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope all these ridiculous stereotypes. I'm not sure of the south would collapse, but it would be a backwater. That's OK, we don't all need to be uber aggressive New Yorkers. On the other had, we'll sent you all the entitlement crowd, so that would take care of a lot of the problem.

However, you're going to have to hire freelancers for Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope military since 99 percent of the military comes from red states, along with most of your food and energy remember oil? As far as shared values: give me a break. I have nothing in common with Miss Me When Im Gone - The Mojomatics - Dont Pretend That You Know Me Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope thug walking down the middle of the street high on drugs after he stole cigars and beat up an innocent store clerk and getting ready to kill an officer of the law.

That a good percentage of our population there. How on earth is that "shared values? Sorry, they want to destroy the country and are doing an excellent job of it. I must say they are effective agents of destruction. No, Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope have nothing in common. People who have something in common actually love their Tutu Gae - O-shen - Faya and have shared values.

Well, lady, by publishing crap like this, you only make yourself and all the other angry, unhinged liberal zombies look stupid. By all means, keep writing like the nazi fascist maniac you are. I don't hate half of Americans. I think that red and blue state America do have a lot in common but rabble rousers downplay that, painting false portraits of the other side as if everyone on that side believes an evil mirror image of one's own righteous beliefs.

Americans are like Jews and Muslims trying to live together? How can that be? We have the same values. I see no reason why we wouldn't. Seriously, what, in our history, would cause us to have "nothing in common"? Besides, everyone knows that the South would collapse without all the subsidies from the Northern and Western states. I'll be happy, if you help me set up our own country. Carve out the Deep South and Texas and a few other states, and we're gone.

No loss. What's the problem? You hate half the population, so what's to miss, right? Here's what I really, really, really don't understand: why are Democrats and liberals so resistant to separating the country into two, like it should be? We don't have the same values. It's like Jews and Muslims trying to live together. What's the point? It's actually hard to move out of the USA.

Believe me, I've tried. It's not easy becoming a Canadian citizen and forget Mexico — too much crime and grime. So, help me out, let's carve up this joke of a country and get some progress. Thank you for your help! Well Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope you should leave America since you don't share its values and hate half her population.

Actually, I can't stand conservatives. I'm a Libertarian, which is the most evolved of all. Of course, being one requires intelligence and effort, which you liberals lack. In any case, you do make a great argument for separate countries, or, perhaps, separate planets. On that, I do believe everyone can be in agreement. I see no use in species of vastly different belief systems attempting to try and live together. It's a giant joke. Just like Affirmative Action is. So, go off and form your version of paradise: Detroit.

Or if that's too cold, Cuba. Happy socialism! Ah yes. The conservative with his oversized amygdala and small anterior cingulate cortex speaks. The reality is that conservatives and liberals are not just Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope. We're different species altogether.

Liberals are more evolved, smarter, more compassionate, more community-oriented, less war-like. In other words, like the higher-evolved species within a group, liberals are equipped to move this world into the next century. Conservatives are equipped to move us towards one thing and one thing only.

I'm genuinely curious. Welcome to the very bottom of the political cesspool, Prof. Douglas - gangland style. Here's your Crips bandana, wear it with pride. Ann Coulter there in the Bloods bandana will be your acting liaison as you get familiar with your new surroundings. Not so Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope. About you, Susan? No, not just you. Quid pro quo, you have in effect stated that it is fine for Republicans, in ANY position of authority, so long as it's an expression of free speech not directly in line with their duties, to openly express HATRED toward Democrats - all of them, and not just their ideology, positions, tactics, opinions, etc.

Yes, I have very definitely met American GOP types who think that homosexuals should be executed in the public square or thrown in prison for what they do in the privacy of their own homes or who proclain that homosexuals should be castrated Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope have their penises shoved down their throats until they choke to death which would seem to require a new definition of "castration", but what the hey!

What's ridiculous is trying to deny the full range of people who subscribe to your preferred political ideology so that you can protect yourself from the reality of the current political situation. Hey, Douglas, studies have also shown that conservatives understand liberals better than liberals understand conservatives, and this dreck is doing nothing to dispute those findings.

She can't imagine marrying a Republican? I can't imagine any sane person marrying this hateful thing. No, actually, we're pointing out that she has totally undermined her implied point and projected her awful personality traits onto a safe target for her. Douglas is mentally deranged and shouldn't even be working in a donut shop, much less be a professor at a major public university. Her writing is a case study example of psychological projection and sociopathic reasoning. Your self-righteous arrogance is breathtaking.

If a woman is "irresponsible enough"?! But your supposedly morally superior positively drool over the death penalty. And where is your moral outrage at the state sponsored deaths of countless innocent Iraquis that resulted from the U.

The problem is that the state has determined that everyone, at least the tax payer, will pay for state sponsored abortion. Most conservatives don't personally care if a woman is irresponsible enough to get pregnant in the 21st century, and agree that she should be able to have an abortion- Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope most selfish of alternatives.

Morally, unwanted pregnancy and abortion are unethical. When the State provides Latte - Sunset Cafe abortion, those morally opposed are complicit in an immoral act, in this instance the murder of an innocent unborn life.

You can live your life as immorally as legally possible, just don't expect those with the moral high ground to pay for it. Dear Mr. Troll: Such big words! However, the use of fecund in this instance is probably not the best choice. Unlike the conservative religionists, I don't demonize those who Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope with me; only those who murder doctors and clinic workers and who interfere with women's access to needed healthcare.

Last I checked, this is a secular country, so you are welcome to your beliefs, but codifying them according to one group's particular mythology is wrong and dangerous to the democratic republic we purport to support.

Let's make a deal: when Una Terranova - I Muvrini - Gioia can get pregnant, you do whatever you want.

Until then. A bit late in joining this discussion as was referred to the article in a recent article discussing among others, this issue. This so-called educator, is an example of the narrow-minded thinking imparted to her students that holds those seeking education from attaining it. Never instill the desire to question, hear both sides, etc. I went to and received a my degree from a Liberal Arts oriented college.

We were not taught to hate. We were taught to listen, explore, ask questions, discuss, make up our own minds. Oh for the good old days. Me10, Get On Board - Teach-In - Festival / Get On Board (All Media, Album, Album) are thoroughly and chillingly accurate in your description of the left's descent into moral nihilism; though on second thought, maybe it's not a descent since that would imply starting from a higher plane Perhaps the origins of the left lie in the depths.

It's logic. You've lied about so much else on this thread, it;s reasonable to assume you're being less than honest about your associations or their political allegiances. Personally, I've heard people on both sides say things I thought were wrongheaded regarding race, religion, etc. But on the left, Rob Alcock & Tommy Gillard - Second Nature airbrush out such comments with the efficiency of a Stalinist news agency.

Yeah, imanamcan isn't hateful or inflammatory. Accusations of racism, pathological behavior, not to mention ageism, are just part of the delightful qualities of the new progressive. Just like the moral incoherence of proclaiming that someone has "no authority over another individual's body" regarding a procedure that destroys another individual's body. And all while engaging in the embarrassingly transparent pretense of "reason, critical thinking, and civility. Stupid and dishonest. You can find plenty of racism on the left see comments by Reid, Biden, Byrd, and many others in public, not to mention the plethora of such attitudes when left-wingers find themselves in homogeneous groups.

This is where the real pathological cases can be found, practicing a Newspeak as fecund as it is obscurantist. They immerse themselves in ideological dogma, pretending it is objective rationalism, and then use it to justify their demonization of those who offer principled moral objection. I think it will be difficult to find a more childishly simplistic formulation of the progressive ideal on the Internet than this. First off, the appeal to "progress" is precious. Anyone with any historical knowledge of the first half of the Twentieth Century knows that for progressives of the era "progress" included eugenics, racism, and authoritarianism.

Woodrow Wilson, the most progressive president of the era, was a fan of the KKK and a deeply bigoted human being. I could go on and on, but I'm afraid I might tax the intellect of wdcoach, who is too busy making up BS about taking minorities back to the 's where they were oppressed by Democrats to actually take an honest look at what conservatives believe.

No descended, but that progressivism the intellectual foundation for what Americans call liberalism and fascism have common philosophical roots and ideals. Goldberg doesn't argue that they are the same or that contemporary liberals are fascists though this clear caveat hasn't prevented the academic left from having the equivalent of a hissy-fit about the tome.

Instead, he points out that the common refrain from the left that conservatism is somehow "fascist" echoes of which can be found in Douglas's pile of tripe, above is historically illiterate and intellectually hypocritical. The only thing I learned from this article is that University of Michigan Communications students are taught by a hateful, intellectually dishonest actually in this article, just plain dishonest bigot, who values her petty politics over civility and equates disagreement on the other side with "hate.

It's a shameless performance by Douglas, in part because there is so much projection in it. In addition to the aforementioned myopia regarding authoritarianism and dogma, it is the left who have made it their mission to convert mainstream politics into a Manichean morality fable, which dishonestly stereotypes conservatives as bigoted, homophobic, sexists, regularly suggests political conservatism is somehow evil, all while pretending that the left is somehow objective and non-ideological even as it pushes the same ideological plans decade after decade and has no biases of its own a contention which many traditional religious people would find amusing.

History and psychological research, aside from the dishonest, cherry-picked, pseudo-academic drivel she's alluding to notice she doesn't bother to provide specifics, because that would also make it possible for readers to look up the numerous criticisms of said "research" don't bear out Douglas at all. But she's not interested in fairness or objectivity. She states quite clearly what her motivations are up front: Hate. Start with that preciously rare bit of honesty and dishonesty of the rest of the article explains itself.

Thank you for this Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope post. I just want to share a good source for tax forms and tutorials - PDFfiller. It has a ton of tax forms and business Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope. It helps Youre Obsolete - Nasum - Inhale / Exhale fill out a needed form neatly and gives me the option to esign.

I'd like to say that I can't believe such drivel would come from a professor at the University of Michigan, but sadly, it's all too believable. Especially from the Communications Department. Isn't that what football and basketball players major in, Communications? I attended the University of Michigan and Ms. Douglas is a microcosm of the horrid liberal biases there - particularly in the "communications" Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope which should be called the indoctrination dept.

In my freshman communications class which was a Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope for all students in the Literature Science and Arts college, we were discussing affirmative action. The professor allowed them to berate me and watched with approval. This is what the young people at schools like U of M must endure if they don't just go along. And most do since it's too much of a risk on your GPA to express a non-leftist point of view.

As a fellow student at Duke University, I can say that Fedja is not only wrong - he is a confirmed rapist. This person was suspended from Duke for forcing himself on women. Which one is more provocative? Which one allows each side to debate an issue and have open dialogue? The former is provocative, the later is provocative As is your calling me "wack-crazy" -- but that is the way of people today Again, starting a Conversation -- whether it is in a written or verbal format -- with the words "I hate" is biased.

And yes, "Communism" -- there is an element within the Liberal Elite that have a fascination with it Just as there are elements on the Radical Right that have a morbid fascination with "Fascism. As to her working for a Republican -- that was in the 's ie: Fred Lippitt -- and that's wonderful. She heaps praise upon him, about how he was a "moderate" and fiscally conservative -- both of which she seems to be OK with.

Yet she says nothing in the article about her interactions with Torn Asunder - Karras - Karras 2011 since then That would be important for context, don't you think?

Shrug I could care less who she associates with Has she even met any of the "new" Republicans? Or is she just listening to the various news media, DNC, and "Leftist" Cant Get None - DJ Evil Dee* - Pure Dope Same goes for any Republicans out there Sigh It is frustrating, isn't Various - Magic X-Mas 2004, when people only listen to one side and then regurgitate the same thing?

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