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Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research)

Download Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research)

Uneventful Days. Killing Me Slowly. Hard Rock Albums. No Guidance. Over It. Conversations In The Dark. Rhythmic Songs. Hot Latin Songs. X PRE. Que Tire Pa Lante.

Corridos Tumbados. Esa Vez Soy Yo. Lo Que Te Di. Annika Isaksson - Without Pride Rhythm Airplay. World War Joy. Don't Start Now. Dance Club Songs. Hot Christian Songs. You Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research). Look Up Child. Burn The Ships. WikiPedia Exclaim! Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research) was a mixture of rock and roll and beat, very much reflecting the London sound of the s.

It was first released ina year after the band formed, but did not chart. However after impressive sales in the rest of Europe it reached 1 in Belgium and The Netherlands the song was re-issued on 1 May and reached 1 in the UK Singles Chart on 3 July spending three weeks there.

August 20, Retrieved November 30, GfK Entertainment Charts. Dutch Top Top 40 Singles. Swiss Singles Chart. Official Charts Company. Recorded Music NZ. Retrieved December 3, Archived from the original on Boing Boing. The A. The Hollywood Reporter. Justin Timberlake and Eminem? Admittedly, any sort of "fix" would be a touchy and labor-intensive task. Disclosure: A very long time ago, I wrote a handful of articles for Billboard as a freelancer; but never as a chart analyst, and no more recently than The editor I wrote for—not Pietroluongo—is no longer with the magazine.

First off, chart grumblers should get comfortable with the Belligerent - Skin Graft - Blackout state of affairs. I can understand Billboard not being able to pull apart digital sales by audience, but why compound the error by throwing in pop airplay?

This was a more logical formula than using partial radio airplay with complete sales and streaming. The question is: How do you pinpoint this audience in ? And anyway, if the U. Let me reiterate: The solution is not a set of data that racially profiles users. Is that even possible? You can understand why Billboard would find such data-gathering headache-inducing and ill-advised.

Does the consumption of country music in New York or Los Angeles mean something different than that purchased in Kansas or Nebraska? I half-agree that regional patterns might not be advisable; and demographics are fraught.

Sometime this winter in your social media feed, you may have seen a blue U. Using piles of streaming data, the map identifies the act that was most unique to that state. In short, the map is a breakdown of granular regional preferences and a showcase for how music-consumption data can be sifted very finely. I went thru just about everything in this site- every album of every year,every artist, single etc.

After that it declined and has gotten worse and worse every decade. And based off everything I've seen and been told its seems to me that the Beatles were the most over-rated, hyped up media affair.

Im not undermining the good music they Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research) but it boggles my mind how they were at the top of everything when they were in no way as great as they were perceived historically. The success of the beatles is a Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research) of the brilliant production of george martin, the consistent quality marketing of the media and the conformity of the masses.

The music industry declined so much in the late 60s, continued to do so in the 70s and hasnt imroved one iota since. And this is coming from a young person under 30 who has spent their entire life absorbing every possible aspect of music history from the artists, to the songs, to the sales, to the significance and legacies.

I apologize for being so blunt or negative to the ignorant ; please feel free to email me if need be. Steve who does most of the work at this site has been working abroad for the last two months, and also is in the process of completing a book which should be out in the next two weeks. I believe the group was out of st. You might like to look at the FAQ question "Can the charts here tell us anything about long term trends", as well as some of the anlalysis on the "Sales over time" section of the "albums sales" page.

Also the CSV file available from the "Versions" page could provide some evidence to support whatever argument you might want to put forward. Personally I wouldn't like to have to single out any one decade as being "the most remarkable", I can think of good arguments to pick any of them.

I'm also looking for the artist who made Wheels. The lyrics from the post on July 8 are accurate as well as I can recall. Thanks in advance for any info. I am seeking some information about a song I think was titled "Wheels". The lyrics are I think "Wheels you're the ruin of me, you drove me to the end of the line. Wheels, I lost the girl that loved me, you took me for a ride the very last time".

Help please. I am a musician and a music teacher, and I only just discovered this site because I was annoyed about someone trying to tell me recently that the Beatles music was crap.

My argument was that on the basis of musical analysis alone, that statement was foolish. I couldn't help wishing that Sinatra topped the list over Elvis for artists in the s though Hi -- Yours it without a doubt the most useful single resource for music I have ever seen, outside of Youtube, but I very nearly did not find it. I'd been looking for some time for a website that pooled and synthesised chart information, and despite diligent searching only wound up stumbling on your project through the links from another site.

What I was looking for was a way to acquaint myself with the chronological chart history of recorded music globally, but wanted it all in one place so I wouldn't have to resort to different charts, if the information could even be had.

What you've done here is just amazing. At any rate, what I wanted to suggest was that you could make this incredible resource even more valuable -- and avoid all the pestering from people wondering where their favourite missing hit fits into all of this -- by providing a catchment supplemental page for each year that holds the remainder of the songs that didn't make your Top it wouldn't even be necessary to rank them for this to be immeasurably valuable.

My main interest is in cultural variations, juxtaposed against the big picture. As such, I'm probably in the minority here, but I'd also love to see a sort option that would allow you to select a country or region and see a list of songs that only charted in their part of the world in a given year.

Anyway, Napalmstorm & Barbaric Hate - Terror 88 - Rehearsal 1 suggestions aside, just an incredible website. You've done something culturally important here. Obviously we list the top each year because they tend to be the songs that users are most interested in.

However there are many other advantages in adopting the structure we do. For example Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research) not listing all the entries in, for example, the Billboard charts we ensure that our quoting of their data is what is called in US law an "original work of authorship".

We obviously only cater for those that want to combine information from Felix von Racknitz - Links 2 3 4 different county's charts. In addition by focusing on the top entries we end up with only the higher quality data.

When we merge in another chart there are processes that check the new entries against the existing data, these can spot many of these types of mismatches, provided the new songs already exist in another chart. The majority of song entries about If we were to list all the entries then two thirds of the entries would be uncheckable. So for both those reasons we would need a lot more convincing before we extended the pages.

You also suggested that we could analyse charts by region. We looked at this when we added the "Europe v North America" pages. There is obviously a trade-off between smoothing charts out so you get an accurate impression across the whole world and focusing on individual territories and getting a chaotic picture that is dominated by the "lumpy" nature of individual charts.

We did a bit of statistical modelling trying various combinations and came to the conclusion that we could track success for a given year in Europe and North Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research)so that's why we created those pages.

We also track success in the 9 regions shown in the profile Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research) provided we combine entries across the whole range of years. Both these cases have their limits, the Europe v North America pages only show the top 20 songs, the profile Comin Round The Mountain - Holler Hawkins ,& The Hayriders - Holler Hawkins: Old Time Fiddle For Da have obvious issues for success before Our experience has been that these "focused analysis" exercises tend to obscure actual trends behind a flurry of accidental results that's why we ended up doing statistical modelling, to prove that this was inherent in the data rather than a consequence of the particular processing we were doing.

Of course we also resisted listing number ones by date for a long time because of exactly the same types of concern about accuracy, and glossing over the reasons Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research) no-one really knows what was actually number one on the 6 Feb However that now seems to be one of the most popular areas on the whole site, most users it seems would rather have certainty than accuracy.

Have you downloaded the CSV file from the versions page? Using that data you could do a crude version of what you are suggesting. Wow - what an achievement! This is my first time on this site and I don't know where to start. My particular interest are the Billboard US charts and although I have bought various books on US charts - Joel Whitburn in particular, I have never seen this data electronically.

My particular question is can I download the Billboard data spreadsheet from this site or do I need Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research) request it from Bullfrog? The Bullfrog data is available from their site on the "Download" section. So the answer to you question Love Song - Ten - Stormwarning no, we won't supply their data, but you also don't need to "request" it from them, it is easy to download.

This is an amazing site; thank you for your work! It kind of goes hand in hand with acclaimedmusic. As far as we know we are the most comprehensive chart site on the web since we have source charts containingentries as of version 2. We don't think "concise" is quite the right word, the site has more than 5, pages some of which list 1, items, in fact we've had some users complain that there is too much information here.

You are right in suggesting that the most recent years are not yet accurate. The way we gather data is more focused on getting history right rather than reporting current events. Our experience has been that years has to go past before our pages reflect a reasonable view, so we'd trust our listing for at the moment, be prepared to defend the listing but have no faith in the one. I'm not sure if I already sent a message over here, but I never got a reply, so I'll try again.

I have used the music information available in this website and made Top 20 Countdown youtube videos showing 30 second clips of those videos. So far i've done videos from every year since until You can see a playlist with all the videos here:. Additionally, I made a longer video showing the 1st track of every year that you showcase, in this case, from until I can't wait for you to upload more charts so I can get started for the years of and Also, when I get more time I expect to cover at least until So I still need to do the 70s, 60s and 50s, quite some work!

I was wondering if you've had the time to see any of these videos, and what is your opinion about them. So far, the total number of views for all tsort-related videos is of views, but I expect to double that amount in the next 6 months. There are a lot of major changes in the latest version of ths list. Some obvious problems also. For example Boby Fuller four I Fought the Law disappeared while the lesser known Tennessee Waltz is still there had a lower score in previous versions. The Bobby Fuller Four version of the Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research) song still has a much lower score than the first, however it is listed in the CSV file because it is in the top song titles.

We don't see that as a "problem", it is exactly the anticipated behaviour and what someone investigating the song "Tennessee Waltz" would want.

There were a lot of changes, that was the whole point of the new algorithm. We knew the results would be different, that was why the data version number went to 2. The results do still have some issues, and if anyone can suggest ways to make the results more consistent we Scarborough Fair - Simon & Garfunkel - The Concert In Central Park (September 1981) be very happy to hear them, but we feel that the 2.

I really like what you've done here. Great jog. However, I can't seem to find this song on your site, or in the csv data file I got from you. Am I missing something? This songs was a chart hit. I really like your charts. I use them all the time. I found a song you're missing. Yet, it's no where to be found in your charts.

However since they were song artist number 1, and we only have pages for the top 1, artists, there is no page for them. The song title "Our House" also didn't make the top 1, titles. My wife and I entertain at nursing homes. This site as well as secondhandsongs. Thank you and happy holidays - Tom Bruno. The way we calculate the scores was changed quite radically last month. That is why the data version number went from 1.

The reason for the change was that some users pointed out some anomolies in the way songs from the s were ordered. Particularly music that that had success in the USA but didn't do Baby Come Back - Various - A Go Go - Back To 60s (Billboard Chart Research) in Europe.

We modified the scoring system to overcome some issues with having too many charts from smaller countries. The first attempt introduced some other unwanted features so the algorithm has been further tuned. We hope that the overall result is a better.


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  1. Nov 04,  · Yesterday I typed an Amazon Review on an Audio Cassette I just recently bought from them called "Billboard Top Rock 'N' Roll Hits " but I bought this "Billboard Top Pop Hits " on CD from them over 3 years ago so I'll also tell you a little bit about this one/5(9).
  2. "Baby Come Back" is a song written by Eddy Grant, and originally performed and recorded by him and the rest of his band The Equals, a group from North London, England. It was a mixture of rock and roll and beat, very much reflecting the London sound of the s. It was first released in , a year after the band formed, but did not chart.
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Back To The 60's on Discogs/5(7).
  4. Apr 14,  · A new methodology has rendered Billboard's R&B chart a shell of its former self, replete with dubious racial and cultural consequences. let’s go back 50 years. In the Billboard issue dated Author: Chris Molanphy.
  5. Apr 20,  · Novelty Song. Parody of teenage tragedy songs of the 50's and early 60's. One parody that looms large in the genre's legend is Jimmy Cross' novelty, "I Want My Baby Back".
  6. Future could be aiming for chart an impressive chart feat in the coming weeks on the Billboard albums chart: back-to-back No. 1 bows in successive weeks.

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